September, 1999

Jennifer Crispen

       Reviewed a new anthology on women's sport by Jolie Sandoz and Joby Winans for the Richmond Times Dispatch.  "Whatever It Takes: Women on Women's Sport" was published this month by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux and the review appeared on August 15, 1999.

*       Headed the field hockey program at the Penn Monto Sports Camp held at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania the last week in July.

*       This fall Jennifer will once again chair both the Southern Regional and the National Division III Field Hockey All-America Committees for the National Field Hockey Coaches Association.


Pam DeWeese

*       Participated in the "Spanish Faculty Development in International Business" seminar coordinated by the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina at Columbia from June 24 – July 1, 1999.  The program is the result of a "CIBER" grant given to the Business School by the federal government and has the purpose of bringing together faculty in Spanish language, literature, and culture, with faculty and professionals in the field of international business.  Pam received one of the CIBER scholarships in the amount of $500 which was applied to her registration in the program.


Jonathan Green

*       Finished his book: "A Conductor's Guide to the Choral-Orchestral Works of J.S. Bach" in May, 1999

*       Taught the Graduate Seminar in Advanced Conducting Techniques at UNC-Greensboro

*       Taught voice for the North Carolina Methodist Honor Choir, and performed on their faculty recital at Greensboro College

*       Composed a piano sonata for Rebecca McNutt and a song cycle for Allen Huszti, and is finishing up a concerto grosso for brass quintet and band

*       Has accepted a one-year appointment as Interim Music Director of the Greensboro Concert Band, which is a community band sponsored by the city.  He conducted a concert at the Guilford Courthouse National Battlefield with them on August 1, 1999.

*       Received another ASCAP Annual Award for Composition


Barbara Perry

*       Published The Priestly Tribe: The Supreme Court's Image In The American Mind

*       Co-authored with Steve Bragaw "Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Aren't Dead Yet: Understanding the Evolving Federalism Jurisprudence of Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy" to be presented at the American Political Science Association's annual meeting in Atlanta, September 1-5

*       Taught in the Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers in Washington

*       Was a guest commentator for Wisconsin Public Radio on the presidential pay raise

*       Wrote and delivered a commentary on the 14th Amendment for "With Good Reason" on Virginia Public Radio

*       Was interviewed for a feature story on the Supreme Court by the Christian Science Monitor and for a feature story on Congress by Knight-Ridder newspapers


Steve Wassell

During his sabbatical and subsequent leave of absence, Steve:

*       Earned an M.C.S. (Master's of Computer Science) degree from the University of Virginia (May 1999);

*       Gave an invited presentation entitled "The Mathematics of Palladio's Villas" at the conference Nexus '98: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics, in Mantua, Italy (June 1998), the manuscript for which was published in the conference proceedings;

*       Received a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts to fund his participation as the leader of a research workshop, immediately following Nexus '98, to study eight of Palladio's villas in situ with several conference participants (June 1998);

*       Published a report of the Palladio villa workshop in the online Nexus Network Journal (www.leonet.it/culture/nexus/network_journal/) which included further discussion of the mathematical qualities of the Renaissance master's designs (NNJ, v. 1, n. 2, April 1999)

*       Wrote two papers, "Superexponentiation and Fixed Points of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions" (favorably reviewed by the referees of Mathematics Magazine) and "Revisiting (and Renaming) a Family of Means" (submitted to the Mathematical Intelligencer).


October 1999

Rosalia Ascari

*       Was the organizer and the chair of a special Italian session at the Northeast Conference in New York, April 8-11.  She also read a paper on "Italian Language and Dialects".

*       Read a paper on Gianni Amelio last movies during the annual conference of the A.A.I.S. in Eugene, Oregon April 16-19, 1999.


Steve Bragaw

*       "Defending the Capacity to Govern: The Intergovernmental Lobby and the U.S. Supreme Court" was nominated by its committee for the Edward S. Corwin prize of the American Political Science Association Law and Courts Section for Best Dissertation, 1999.

*       Presented a paper, "Understanding the Evolving Federalism Jurisprudence of Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy" with Professor Barbara Perry to the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 4, 1999.

*       Presented a paper "The Governors and Mayors as Intergovernmental Lobbyists of the Supreme Court" to the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 3, 1999.

*       Presented a paper "The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the American Indian Nations: The Reorganization Era, 1934-1980" to the Twentieth Century Supreme Court History Seminar of the Supreme Court Historical Society/Georgetown University Law Center Institute for Constitutional Studies, Washington, DC, June 14, 1999.

*       The Habits of Democracy:  Visions of democratic citizenship from Aristotle, James Madison, and Alexis de Tocqueville.  Presentation to the Virginia Citizenship Institute Summer Seminar, June 2, 1999.

*       Presented a paper "Zoning the City on the Hill:  The Lessons of City of Boerne v Flores for American Public Law Litigation" to the Annual Meeting of the Law and Society and Society Association, May 30, 1999.


Judith Evans Grubbs

*       Was asked to give one of the keynote papers at the annual meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians May 7-9 at Columbia University.  Her talk was on "Sons or Slaves?  The Sale and Abandonment of children by their parents in late antiquity."


Allen Huszti

*       Sang the bass solos in the Schubert Mass in G Major with the Christ Church Choir (Roanoke) and the Garth Newell Chamber Players on May 16 in Roanoke.

*       Attended the Alexander Technique Workshop at Sweet Briar, July 13-18.  Performed in a participants' concert at the workshop.

*       Taught harpsichord, organ and fortepiano at the Suzuki Institute, July 26-August 7, at Sweet Briar and was the Institute's faculty accompanist.  Performed in two Faculty Recitals.


Sang Hwang

*       Presented a paper entitled "New Science and Sustainable Development" and chaired a session at the 4th International Conference on Linking Systems Thinking, Innovation, Quality, Entrepreneurship and Environment at the University of Maribor, Slovenia.  The paper was published in the conference proceedings edited by Miroslav Rebernik and Matajz Mulej.  University of Maribor, Slovenia.

*       Gave an Invited Presentation on "General Evolutionary Theory and the Environment" at the 43rd Annual Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences in Asilomar, California July 1999.  The paper entitled "A General Evolutionary Perspective on Sustainable Development" was published in the Conference proceedings.

*       Nominated and Invited by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to be the Honorary Theme Editor for the Life Support Systems project within the Global Sustainable Development area in June 1999.


Bessie Kirkwood

*       Co-author with Jean-Yves Royer, Theodore C. Chang, and Richard G. Gordon of "Statistical tools for estimating and combing finite rotations and their uncertainties", Geophysical Journal International, March 1999.


Laura Pharis

*       Is having a solo exhibition in the Babcock Gallery concurrently with her son Buck Johnson's show in Benedict.

*       In August and September, she participated in "In Ink" a group show at Cudahy's Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, with One/Off Printmakers, of which she is a founding member.

*       In September, she participating in another group show, The Nimrod Hall Exhibition at the James Center, also in Richmond.

*       Is serving as Chair of the Fiddle Competition at the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival in October 1999.


Mike Richards

*       Made a joint presentation with Phil Riley of James Madison University on "The 100 Greatest Events in Twentieth Century World History: Adventures in Doing World History" on September 11, 1999.  The presentation was based on a book that Greenwood Press will publish, <Term Paper Resource Guide to 20th Century World History>.  The presentation was well received by the group, the Southern Atlantic Region of the Historical Society (this was the inaugural meeting for the Southern Atlantic Region).


Brent Shea

*       Was appointed to the Editorial Board of International Scope Review, an interdisciplinary electronic journal of articles on social and economic transformations and interpersonal relations in advanced industrial and post-industrial societies (published in Brussels).

*       Was appointed by the Council of the American Sociological Association to its Task Force on the International Focus of American Sociology, made up of scholars with expertise in international research and teaching who are charged with making recommendations to the ASA about its teaching materials and annual conference program.

*       Was re-appointed Vice President of the board of governors of Ius Primi Viri, an international human rights education association based on Rome.

*       Was a delegate to the Annual Meeting of the American Association of University Professors, Washington, DC, June 8-10.


Reetika Vazirani

*       Is poet of the month (September).  This is the web site:


*       Received a Pushcart Prize, which is an award for the best poems, stories, essays published in a calendar year.  Her award is for a poem published in Prairie Schooner.  It will be included in the Pushcart Prize Anthology next year.

*       The Bread Loaf Anthology of New American Poets, to be published next year by Wesleyan University Press, will include four poems by Reetika.

*       Ntozake Shange, author of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is not Enough, chose a poem by Reetika to be included in The Beacon Best, to be released later this year by Beacon Press.

*       Received a fellowship from The Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, the oldest sort of writers' conference in the country.  August 1999.

*       Spent a month in residence at Yaddo, an artists' colony in Saratoga Springs, New York.


November 1999

Jody Bart

*       Edited a book of conference proceedings entitled "Women Succeeding in the Sciences: Theories and Practices Across Disciplines."


Steve Bragaw

*       Presented "Interest Group Litigation in the Court of the Conqueror: The Native American Rights Fund in the Rehnquist Court, 1986-1999" to the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, Savannah, Georgia, November 4, 1999.

*       Presented "Equal Protection: Gender and Sexuality Discrimination" to the "Bill of Rights, the Courts, and the Law" series sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy and Historic Christ Church, Irvington, Virginia, October 21, 1999.

*       Served as internal book reviewer for Superintending Democracy for Akron University Press.

*       Served as internal article reviewer for "Analyzing Policy Change by the United States Supreme Court: Combining the Legal and Social Science Approaches" for Political Science Quarterly.

*       Performed Election Day analysis and punditry for WLNI radio, November 2, 1999.


Carlos Calle

*       Is the principal investigator for the Kennedy Space Center team responsible for the calibration and testing of the MECA Electrometer, an instrument designed jointly by Kennedy Space Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to fly on the Mars Global Surveyor 2001 Mission lander


*       Gave an invited talk at the Second Partners in Research and Education Conference, Kennedy Space Center, October 5-8, 1999, entitled "Electrostatics of Dust in Martian Atmosphere."


*       Recently published the following papers: 

-"Calle, C.I., "An Experimental Design to Determine the Electrostatic Properties of Martian Simulant Dust Particles," 1998 Research Reports, NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, NASA CR-1999-208546, 1999.


-H.S. Kim, D. Jackson, A. Finchum, R. Gompf, R. Lee, D. Lewis, M. Parenti, J. Bayliss, J. Rauwerdink, P. Richuso, and C. Calle, "Study of the Electrostatic Charging and Discharging of Materials in a Simulated Martian Environment," in Research and Technology 1998 Annual Report, J. F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA Technical Memorandum 208545, 1998.



John Goulde

*       Presented a paper "Korean Culture Beyond the Peninsula: Korean Contributions to World Culture" Annual Conference on Korean Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, May 8-10, 1999

*       Presented a paper "Korean Contributions to North Asian Culture," 4th Annual International Korean Studies Conference on Koreans Abroad, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, July 27-30, 1999

*       Published a paper "Tracing the Historical and Cultural Roots of Korean Ethno-Nationalism," Acta Koreana, Vol. 2, July 1999

*       Participant in VFIC Technology Workshop on Video Technology, at the University of Richmond, August 9-11, 1999

*       Presented a paper "Changing Perceptions of U.S.-Korea Relations: From Cold War Big Brother to Regional Arbiter," 14th Annual Conference of the U.S.-Korea Security Studies Council, Arlington, Virginia, October 27-29, 1999



Allen Huszti

*       Presented a Faculty Voice Recital on October 24, 1999 at Sweet Briar College.  The program included the premiere of a song cycle by Jonathan Green.


Ella and Mark Magruder

*       Ella Magruder performed "Black Traveller", and Mark Magruder performed in "Dad's Ties", choreography by Beverley Blossom, at the ContextTheatre in New York City, Sept. 24-25, 1999.

*       Together they performed with their dance company, Menagerie, for the Community Arts Council of Buchanan County, on 5/6/99; for Virginia Highlands Community College in Abingdon on 5/5/99; in Augusta County -three performances at Stuart's Draft Middle School 3/3/99; three performances at Stewart Middle School. in Ft. Defiance, VA  3/2/99; three performances at Beverley Manor Middle School in Staunton, VA 2/26/99; and one performance at Amelon Elementary in June 1999.  They taught 60 workshops in dance for children in Augusta Co. VA 6/17-30/99.


Barbara Perry

*       Gave two public lectures for the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities in October: one in Orange on the public image of the Supreme Court and one in Charlottesville on women and the law. 

*       Published an editorial, "Women Gain Rights Under the Constitution" in the Charlottesville Daily Progress.


December 1999

Stephen Bragaw

*       Will present a paper "Hawaiian Punch?  Understanding the implications of Rice v. Cayetano on Native American Sovereignty and Voting Rights" to the Virginia Conference of Political Scientists, December 4, 1999, Richmond, VA.


Claudia Chang

*       The ethnoarchaeology of pastoral sites in the Grevena Region of Northern Greece.  In Transhumant Pastoralism in Southern Europe: Recent Perspectives from Archaeology, History and Ethnology edited by Laszlo Bartosiewicz and Haskel J. Greenfield.  pp. 133-144.  Budapest: Archaeolingua Series Minor 11.


*       Claudia Chang and Fedor P. Grigoriev 1999.  A Preliminary Report of the 1994-1996 Field Seasons at Tuzusai, an Iron Age site (ca. 400 B.C. – 100 A.D.) in Southeastern Kazakhstan.  Eurasien Antiqua Volume 5, (pages numbers unknown, pp. 1-20).(published in Berlin, Germany)



Pamela DeWeese

*       Book manuscript has been accepted for publication by Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. in New York

*       Will present a paper at the Luis Goytisolo Seventh Annual International Symposium on Hispanic Literature on Wednesday, November 24 entitled "El eroticismo y la bťsqueda del yo en Cielo dividido de Reina RoffÄ."  She will interview the author in Madrid on Sunday, November 21.

*       Will moderate a round table discussion at the same symposium on November 25th.


Ron Horwege

*       Publication: "Wilhelm von Polenz's ďDer Bčttnerbauer' The German Farmer Confronts the Modern World," Politics in German Literature Festschrift for Frank Ryder.  Edited by Beth Bjorklund & Mark F. Cory, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 1998.

*       Publication with Ralph Grčneberger, a poet from Leipzig, of a bilingual edition of Grčneberger's poetry: Du Bist und Du Bist Nicht (You Are and You are Not).  Professor Horwege translated the poems into English and wrote a commentary about them.  The book is available in the Book Shop.

*       Participated in a seminar on German Script at Moravian College, summer 1999.

*       Traveled in May to Leipzig to complete editorial work on the above-mentioned publication.

*       Participated in a seminar on Teaching German Culture in Charlottesville May 8, 1999.

*       Organized and Co-Directed the fourth Sweet Briar-Goethe Institute Immersion Weekend for Germany Teachers in October 1999.

*       Hosted the poet Ralph Grčneberger in October 1999.  With Grčneberger he participated in several discussions with students and in two poetry readings, one at Sweet Briar College and one at the VCCA.

*       With Ralph Grčneberger he participated in the annual Conference of the Foreign Language Association in Richmond in October, where they presented two sessions together.

*       Has recently been elected for a third term as President of the Virginia Chapter of The American Association of Teachers of German.

*       Organized and participated with Birgit Schweckendiek from the Goethe Institute and German writer Sabine Appel in a forthcoming discussion of Appel's recent work: "Goethe und die Frauen." (December 8, 1999).

*       Chairman of the Selection Committee for the AATG-PAD scholarship trips to Germany for high school students.

*       Reviewer of intermediate German text "Kaleidoskop" for Houghton Mifflin Company, November, 1999.

*       Outside consultant and evaluator for German Program self-study at Mary Washington College, November, 1999.


Michael Richards

*       Attended the 1999 meeting of the Southern Historical Association where he chaired session number 41 "Belief Systems and Ideologies in Twentieth-Century Europe."


Mimi Wroten

*       Has been granted a judges license from the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA), the national equestrian federation of the United States.  After being reviewed by the Licensed Officials Committee she was approved to judge in Hunter and Hunter Seat Equitation divisions.


February 2000


Steve Bragaw

*       Has a paper entitled "The Governors and Mayors as Intergovernmental Lobbyists of the Supreme Court" that has been nominated as Best Paper presented to the 1999 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations Section.

*       Presented "American Indian Tribal Sovereignty and the U.S. Supreme Court" to the "College for a day" program co-sponsored by the SBC Denver Colorado Alumnae Association.

*       Appointed as outside curriculum advisor to the ABA Street Law/Supreme Court historical Society program for revamping the teaching of civil rights and liberties in the Washington D.C. public school system.

*       Has been nominated for the Mednick Memorial Fellowship, Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges.


Jonathan Green

*       In December, he did a residency in the music department at the University of Massachusetts that included giving a lecture on his music, conducting rehearsals, and conducting two of his works on a concert there.

*       In January, he attended the annual conference of the Conductors Guild in New York.  The Guild is the principal organization for conductors with membership in all 50 states and 30 other countries.  At that conference, he was appointed editor of "Podium Notes," their quarterly newsletter.  This comes with a concurrent seat on their board of directors.

*       He also completed a horn sonata entitled "Hubert's Vengeance," and a cantata for the spring ensembles' concert called "Shards of Beauty," and will finish a re-orchestration of another work for that concert during the week of January 24, 2000.



Scott Hyman

*       Scott Hyman and collaborators at the Naval Research Laboratory, Caltech, and Kennesaw State University have had two articles accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal: "Discrete Radio Sources in NGC 6946" and "A Wide Field 90 cm Image of the Galactic Center".  The Galactic Center image (http://rsd-www.nrl.navy.mil/7213/lazio/GC/index.html) also appears in the December 1999 issue of Discover Magazine and October 1999 issue of National Geographic.


Barbara Perry

*       Conducted a discussion and book-signing for her two new books on the Supreme Court, The Priestly Tribe: The Supreme Court's Image in the American Mind and "The Supremes": Essays on the Current Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States at Hawley-Cooke Booksellers in Louisville, Kentucky

*       Served as a panelist on "Media Coverage and the Relationship of the Press to the Federal Judiciary" at the Judicial Fellows' Reunion in Washington (broadcast by C-SPAN)

*       Was elected Vice President of the new Judicial Fellows' Alumni

*       Association


Brent Shea

*       Was appointed Fellow in the Interdisciplinary Program in Health Care, Center for Human Values in Health Care, Medical College of South Carolina (Charleston), a program providing clinical experience to mid-career professionals in health-related careers.

*       Was appointed co-Editor, International Scope Review, an interdisciplinary journal of articles on social and economic transformations and interpersonal relations in advanced industrial and post-industrial societies (published in Brussels).

*       Has been invited to present a paper on health and well being at the Tenth World Congress of Rural Sociology, Rio de Janeiro, August 2000.


Studio Art Faculty

(Paige Critcher, Joe Monk, John Morgan, and Laura Pharis)

*       Are presenting a group art exhibition in the duPont Gallery at Washington and Lee University from January 17th – February 17th.  The faculty presented an artists' talk on January 17th in connection with the opening.



March 2000


Carlos Calle

*       Carlos Calle and Martin Buehler of JPL presented a paper entitled "Exploiting the Mars Surveyor Electrometer for Single Charge Measurements," at NanoSpace 2000 – Nano, Micro Technologies for Space Applications, Johnson Space Center, Houston, January 24, 2000.

*       Has been awarded a NASA Kennedy Space Center Grant for $75,000 to undertake a research project entitled "Electrostatic Properties of Lunar Soil and Dust."


Paul Cronin

*       Judged the Annual Warrenton Hunter Trials in Warrenton, VA , Saturday, November 27 1999.

*       Gave two lectures (History of Educated Riding) at the annual meeting of the U.S. Pony Club held in Baltimore, MD on January 26, 2000


Deborah Durham

*       Had an article "The Predicament of Dress: Polyvalency and the Ironies of Cultural Identity" in American Ethnologist 26, 2 (1999):389-411.

*       Had a chapter "Civil Lives: Leadership and Accomplishment in Botswana" pp. 192-217 in John and Jean Comaroff, eds., Civil Society and the Political Imagination in Africa: Critical Perspectives, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1999.

*       Book review of Echoes of the Past, Epics of Dissent: A South Korean Social Movement, by Nancy Abelmann (University of California Press, 1996) for American Ethnologist 26, 1 (1999): 230-231.

*       Book review of In the Shadow of Marriage: Gender and Justice in an African Community, by Anne M.O. Griffiths (University of Chicago Press, 1997) for American Ethnologist 25, 4 (1998): 752-753.

*       Screened applications for the International Dissertation Field Research Fellowships for the Social Science Research Council in December 1999-January 2000.

*       Presented the paper "The New Intercalary Headman: Tribes and Electoral Policy in Botswana" for a panel on Botswana at the African Studies Association annual meeting in Philadelphia, November 13, 1999.

*       "I think it must be tribalism': Fighting for Citizenship in Democratic Africa" Paper read at a session on ďPostcolonial Subjectivities in Africa' at the 50th Anniversary ďJamboree' Conference of the Dept. of Anthropology at The University of Manchester, October 27, 1999.  (The session will be published in an edited volume.)


John Goulde

*       Attended The George Washington University 1999 Hahn Moo-Sook Colloquium in the Korean Humanities, Washington, DC, October 30, 1999

*       Appointed Editor of the World Wide Web Virtual Library for East Asia November 18, 1999.  SBC now hosts the top directory of WWW-VL at http://ea-vl.sbc.edu

*       Presented two papers: Korean Religious History: A Psycho-Social Overview and The Reluctant Confucian Family: Confucianism in an Age of Globalism at the National Conference of the American Psychoanalytical Association, New York, December 19-22, 1999

*       Paper presented: Destined Immortals: Literati Taoists of the Choson Period to the University of British Columbia Korean Research Colloquium, January 18, 2000

*       Named to Who's Who in Education –2000 Edition, February 15, 2000.  Nominated by SBC junior, Ariana Wolynec-Werner

*       Recipient of an East-West Center Research Fellowship, Honolulu, Hawaii, March, 2000


Jonathan Green

*       Had a review "Alfred Reed: A Bio-Bibliography" published in the current issues of the "Journal of the Conductors Guild."

*       Two of his compositions, "Rondo Ricercare" and "When We Were Giants," were performed at an international music festival in Melbourne Australia in December.  This has led to a publishing agreement of the latter with Bernel Music, Ltd.

*       His newest book, "A Conductor's Guide to the Choral-Orchestral Works of J.S. Bach," has been released this month.


Allen Huszti

*       Performed in two performances of Handel's, Messiah, with the Bedford Chorale Society in December.

*       Performed in the February 9 Gager Community Concert Series at Sweet Briar College.

*       Presented an Alexander Technique Workshop for the Lynchburg Chapter of the American Guild of Organists on February 22.


Laura Symons

*       Was appointed to the Executive Board of the National Tutoring Association as the Chair of the Journal Committee.  Her committee will establish a scholarly journal for the NTA.

*       Has been named the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for the College Reading and Learning Association, the national association for directors of learning centers and other developmental educators.


April 2000

Jim Alouf

*       Walker, D.C., Gill, C.H. & Alouf, J.L. has in press an article "Mentoring: A bridge between theory and practice" in the SRATE Journal.

*       In April 2000, will present a paper at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.  The paper is entitled "Problems of Beginning Teachers: Insights from principals, mentors, and beginning teachers" by Walker, D.C., Alouf, J.L., & Gill, C.H.

*       Presented a paper at the Association of Teacher Educators in Orlando, Florida in February 2000.  The paper was entitled "Creating powerful teachers for the 21st century" by Alouf, J.L., Gill, C.H., & Walker, D.C.

*       Presented a paper at the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators in Mobile, Alabama in October 1999.  The paper was entitled "Mentoring: A bridge between theory and practice" by Walker, D.C., Gill, C.H., & Alouf, J.L.

*       Has been appointed Chair, Legislative and Governmental Relations Committee of the Association of Teacher Educators for 2000-2003.


Stephen Bragaw

*       Has received a Mednick Fellowship to partially support his research to study the development of American Indian tribal sovereignty in the Supreme Court of the United States.

*       Presented a paper entitled "States' Rights in the Court of the Conqueror: The Marshall Court, the Cherokee Nation, and the Nullification Crisis of 1832" to the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association in San Jose, California March 25, 2000.

*       Will present a paper entitled "Tribal Sovereignty versus State Autonomy in the Rehnquist Court" to the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago, Illinois on April 27, 2000.

*       Was guest American politics commentator for two 90 minute segments on "The Morning Line" WLNI radio in Lynchburg, Virginia on March 1st and March 15th.


Carlos Calle

*       Carlos Calle's group at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Martin Buehler's group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), presented a paper entitled "From Order to Flight in 18 Months: The Mars 2001 Electrometer Case Study," at the 2000 IEEE Aerospace Conference in Big Sky, Montana, on March 20.

*       His project, "Electrostatic Properties of Lunar Soil and Dust," which was approved in February, has been extended for 2 years and funded for $150,000.

*       Carlos Calle with Dr. Martin Buehler of JPL put together a team from several NASA centers (KSC, JPL, and Langley) and academic institutions (Ohio University, the University of Central Florida, and Colorado State University) to write a proposal for the Advanced Cross-Enterprise Technologies for NASA Missions.  Their proposal, entitled "Dust Free Surface Research," requests $890,000 to undertake a three-year research program to develop new technologies for the construction of space materials with low affinity for dust.  The proposal, written by Carlos Calle with input from the team members, was submitted in February.


Cathy Gutierrez

*       Will present a paper "The Beginning of the End: American Millennialism and the Rise of the Novel" Material Cultures of the Book, Edinburgh, Scotland, summer 2000.

*       Will present a paper "Plato's Ghost: The Recollections of 19th Century Postmillennialism" Millennialisms: Religions and the End of Times and Worlds at the Eastern International Region of the American Academy of Religion Meeting in Syracuse, NY, April 7, 2000.

*       Will present "Relics of the Living: Spiritualism's Memory in the Afterlife" Women's Spiritualities in the 19th Century at the NorthEastern Modern Languages Association Conference in Buffalo, New York on April 8, 2000.

*       Presented a paper "Deliverance Deferred: Growth in Millennialist Heavens," New World Orders: Millennialism in the West at the Millennial Studies Conference at Boston University in the fall 1999.

*       Published a paper "Deliverance Deferred: Growth in the Millennialist Heavens," Journal for the Center of Millennial Studies.

*       Co-editor, with Lisa Poirier, of new monograph series, "Religion and History," to be published from Davies Group Publishing in Denver, Colorado.

*       Was interviewed by BCC radio about the millennialism and the year 2000.

*       Was interviewed by Lynchburg newspaper about the millennialism and the year 2000.

*       Was interviewed by WBSM in Massachusetts about the millennialism and the year 2000.


Jonathan Green

*       Attended the combined meetings of College Music Society, American Musicological Society, Southeastern historical Keyboard Society, and Music Theory Southeast which met in Greensboro, North Carolina in March. 

*       His songcycle "Stop All the Clocks" was performed on the new music concert by Allen Huszti and James Nalley. 

*       Was voted as vice-president/program chair of the Mid-Atlantic (Maryland to South Carolina) Chapter of College Music Society.

*       Has received word from Treble Clef Press (a publisher specializing in music for women's choirs) that they are going to publish "Virgin's Cradle Hymn," which premiered at the 1998 Christmas Vespers and put on the Christmas CD.


Allen Huszti

*       Sang, Stop All the Clocks: Three Auden Centotaphs, by Jonathan Green in a composers recital at the Spring Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the College Music Society at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro on March 11th.

*       Performed in an all-Brahms organ program for the Lynchburg Chapter of the American Guild of Organists on March 28th.

*       Sang in a Choral Evensong Service at Christ Church in Roanoke, Virginia on April 2nd.

*       Sang in a solo quartet concert at Hollins University on April 3rd.  The program included the Liebeslieder Waltzes by Brahms, waltzes from A Little Night Music by Sondheim and songs by Stephen Foster.

*       Will sing two songs by John Shannon for the Gager Community Concert at Sweet Briar College on April 5th.


John Jaffe

*       Chaired the College Libraries Section meetings of the Association of College and Research Libraries at the annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas January 14-18, 2000.

*       Served on a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Reaffirmation Committee February 21-24, 2000.


Dena Lowman

*       Attended the Virginia Association Early Childhood Education Conference in Richmond, Virginia March 24-25, 2000.

*       Will attend the Creating Kindergarten's Where All Children Bloom, Society for Developmental Education Conference in Richmond, Virginia April 12, 2000.


Barbara Perry

*       Delivered a talk on Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Metropolitan State University in Denver.  She also organized and participated in a panel discussion, "Writing on the Supreme Court" (to be broadcast on C-SPAN), for the Virginia Festival of the Book.


Dawn Walker

*       Walker, D.C., Gill, C.H. & Alouf, J.L. has in press an article "Mentoring: A bridge between theory and practice" in the SRATE Journal.

*       Has published an article entitled "Creating equity and excellence: Collaborative teaching in a ďlinked' field-based setting by Walker, D.C. & Anderson, P.J. in 1999 in the SRATE Journal. 8(2), 23-27.

*       Published in 1999 "Putting something in their hands: Teaching planning skills to preservice teachers (Monograph)." by Anderson, P.J., & Walker, D.C.  In C. Penny & W.S. Thomson (Eds.), Excellence through partnerships: Research in action (pp. 159). (East Carolina University and Bell South Monograph No. 1).  Greenville, N.C.: East Carolina University Central Printing.

*       In April 2000, will present a paper at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.  The paper is entitled "Problems of Beginning Teachers: Insights from principals, mentors, and beginning teachers" by Walker, D.C., Alouf, J.L., & Gill, C.H.

*       Presented a paper at the Association of Teacher Educators in Orlando, Florida in February 2000.  The paper was entitled "Creating powerful teachers for the 21st century" by Alouf, J.L., Gill, C.H., & Walker, D.C.

*       Presented a paper at the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators in Mobile, Alabama in October 1999.  The paper was entitled "Mentoring: A bridge between theory and practice" by Walker, D.C., Gill, C.H., & Alouf, J.L.

*       Has been appointed to the Awards Committee of the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators for 2000-2003.


Margaret Ann White

*       Attended the Virginia Association Early Childhood Education Conference in Richmond, Virginia March 24-25, 2000.


Dianne Williams

*       Attended the Virginia Association Early Childhood Education Conference in Richmond, Virginia March 24-25, 2000.



May 2000


Rosalia Ascari

*       Organized a session and read a paper "Osservazioni Sull'Approccio Critico E Letterario Alle Antichita' Romane" during the annual convention of the American Association for Italian Studies held in New York from April 12-16, 2000.

*       Has also been able to secure several grants for her students who will spend the month of August at the University of Lecce taking Italian courses. Tuition, books, excursions, trips, and room will cost them only $150.00!


Deborah Durham

*       Has had a piece accepted by Anthropological Quarterly.  It is titled "Youth and the Social Imagination in Africa" and is the introduction to a theme issue of 7 articles by other anthropologists that Professor Durham organized and submitted.  The articles are based on papers written for a panel that she organized for the American Anthropological Association meetings in 1998.


Barbara Perry

*       Delivered a lecture on the Supreme Court at the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression in Charlottesville in April 2000.

*       Gave a talk on Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Sweet Briar Class of 1944 at their reunion in Wintergreen in April 2000.

*       Was a guest on "Colorado Close Up," an interview-format radio program, discussing the Supreme Court in April 2000.

Published an article on John F. Kennedy in THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTS (Garland Publishing) in April 2000.