September 1998

Pamela DeWeese

*      Presented a paper entitled "La importancia de los números y de la geometría en Antagonía de Luis Goytisolo" (The Importance of Number and Geometry in Antagonía by Luis Goytisolo") on July 10, 1998 at the 13th triennial conference of the International Association of Hispanists in Madrid, Spain.

*      Participated in a seminar on the impact of Spanish language and culture sponsored by the "Foundation for Social Analysis and Studies" on July 10, 1998.

*      Wrote a book review of the third edition of Antagonía by the prestigious Spanish literary journal, Letra International in April and it was printed in June.  The bibligraphic entry is: "Un ciclo nuevo." Letra Internacional 56 (May-June, 1998): 54-56.


John Goulde

*      Paper presented: "What Role for Human Rights in U.S. Foreign Policy?" Great Decisions Lecture series, Lynchburg, Virginia, February 19, 1998.

*      Paper presented: "Doing Well and Doing Good:  Wealth and Religious Ethics in the Global Economy" The Senior Seminar, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia, March 31, 1998.

*      Paper presented:  "Living Tradition or Recovered Heritage?: Traditional Religion in the New Korea" Korean Studies Conference, Walker Institute for International Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, May 15-17, 1998.


Lisa Johnston

*      Went on the Oxford/Berkeley Program from July 20-August 8, 1998.  This program is funded by the Louise Garrard Davis Blanchard Memorial Fund. 


Joan Kent

*      Has an essay entitled "The Rural ‘Middling Sort' in England 1640-1740" accepted for publication in the journal Rural History, published by Cambridge University Press.


Bessie Kirkwood

*      Attended a one-week NSF-sponsored Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement workshop at Cornell University, "Teaching Undergraduate Geometry".

*      Participated in a two-week U.F.E. workshop at the University of Montana called "The Art and Science of Mathematical Modeling" which emphasized environmental resource issues.

Reuben Miller

*      Participated in courses and tutorials at Oxford from July 5 to August 1, 1998.  One course in particular emphasized economic history and is directly relevant to his teaching work in international economics.


October 1998

Rosalia Ascari

*      Wrote a review of Geografia, Storia E Poetiche Del Fantastico by Monica Farnetti, Leo Olschki publisher 1995, published in Annali D'Italiaanistica, Chapel Hill, December 1998.


Gerald Berg

*      Published "Radama's Smile: Domestic Challenges to Royal Ideology in Early Nineteenth-Century Imerina", in History in Africa, 25 (1998), 69-92.


Carlos Calle

*      Presented a paper entitled "Electrostatic Properties of Martian Simulant Dust Particles," at NASA/Kennedy Space Center, Materials Science Division, August 18, 1998.

*      Presented a paper with Lombardi, A.J., S.G. Young, D.L. Jackson, and H.S. Kim entitled "Characterization of Martian Regolith Simulant for Use in Martian Environmental Testing," at NASA/Kennedy Space Center, Materials Science Division, August 7, 1998.

*      Presented a paper entitled "Electrostatic Charging and Discharging of Dust Particles in a Simulated Martian Environment," at NASA/Kennedy Space Center, NASA/ASEE Faculty Fellowship Program, July 2, 1998.


Judith Evans-Grubbs

*      Attended a symposium  on "Institutionalizing the Classics" at the Stanford Humanities Center, June 5 and spoke on "Expanding the Boundaries."

*      Completed a review of Perpetua's Passion: the death and memory of a young Roman woman (by Joyce Salisbury) for the American Historical Review (to appear in Dec. 1999 issue).

*      Received, jointly with Rebecca Massie Lane, a grant from the National Committee for the Promotion of Latin, for activities to bring knowledge of classical antiquity to Amherst County third graders.


John Goulde

*      Published Book Review:  Mark Setton, Chong Yagyong: Korea's Challenge to Orthodox Neo-Confucianism, SUNY Press, in Acta Koreana, Vol 1, July, 1998.

*      Published a paper:  Multicultural Perspectives on Korean Culture:  The Case of Taoist Historigraphy in Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Korean Studies, Academia Koreana and Keimyong University, Taegu, Korea, July, 1998.

*      Invited to be a Panel and All-Conference Discussant:  3rd Annual Korean Studies Conference, Academia Koreana, Los Angeles, CA. July 29-August 1, 1998.

*      Created a Website (http://www.artgallery.sbc.edu/ukiyoe) to accompany the Exhibition, Ukiyoe in the Sweet Briar Collection:  Representations of Women and Received 4 stars out of 5 from the Asian Studies WWW Monitor: University of Australia, Canberra, September 1998.

*      Invited to give a paper: The Historical and Cultural Roots of Korean Nationalism at Georgetown University, October 2-4, 1998.  The Conference Title was:  The Republic of Korea after 50 years: Continuity and Convergence.

*      Invited to be a discussant for the George Washington University 1998 Korean Colloquium in the Humanities:  Sparks of Creativity: Women in the Korean Humanities" October 23-25, 1998.


Jonathan Green

*      Received another ASCAP Annual Composer's Award

*      Completed and submitted Sacred Shadows, a band work that was commissioned by the North Carolina Central Band Directors Association, and the premiere of which he will conduct in February.

*      Received a commission to compose incidental music for a play entitled Hannah Elias, which will open in Winston-Salem later this month.

*      Completed an article, "The Ever-changing Orchestra in J.S. Bach's Choral Music," which has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Conductors Guild.

*      Participated in the International Institute for Conductors in Kiev.  During that masterclass, he was selected to conduct the orchestra on a public concert in the Ukraine House, and he also performed as bass soloist with the orchestra.

*      Taught voice for the North Carolina United Methodist All-State Youth Choir at Greensboro College, and performed on a faculty recital there.


Allen Huszti

*      Attended an Alexander Technique, Body Centering, and Energy Workshop in Madison, Virginia, June 7-12.

*      Attended the Alexander Technique Workshop at Sweet Briar, Virginia, June 30 to July 4.

*      Attended the York Early Music Festival (York, England) July 6 to 12.

*      Taught harpsichord, fortepiano and organ at the Suzuki Institute at Sweet Briar, July 27 to August 8. Was also the Institute's recital accompanist for the eight student recitals.

*      Sang the roles of Benoit and Alcindoro in Opera Roanoke's production of Puccini's, La Boheme, September 18 to 28.

*      Sang in the October 15 Gager Community Concert at Sweet Briar College.


Alix Ingber

*      Published the chapter on Lope de Vega in "Spanish Dramatists of the Golden Age," edited by Mary Parker.  Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998, pp. 229-243.


Joan Kent

*      Has accepted an invitation to serve on the national review panel for 1999 Fulbright graduate fellowships to the UK.


Barbara Perry

*      June-Taught in Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers in Washington

*      September-Attended Comparative Judicial Studies Committee Meeting in Boston; served as Division Head for Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence at American Political Science Association Meeting in Boston and was elected to Executive Committee of the Law and Courts Section of the APSA; delivered a paper on George Washington at Louisiana State University—Shreveport; and delivered a paper on racial gerrymandering at University of Akron.


Michael Richards

*      Has authored "Twentieth-Century Europe:  A Brief History," with Paul Waibel of Belhaven College.  The book was published by Harlan Davidson.


Brent Shea

*      Participated in the Jessie Ball duPont Seminar, "Human Rights in Multi-Cultural Contexts", at the National Humanities Center, June 1-20, 1998.

*      Appointed to the Executive Committee of the Virginia AAUP, serving as Chair of the state AAUP Committee on College and University Governance.

*      Participated in the Quadrennial World Congress of the ISA in Montreal, July 25-30, completing a 4-year term on the Executive Board as First Vice President of the International Sociological Association Mental Health and Illness Research Committee.


November 1998

Rosalia Ascari

*      Published a review of Graziella Parati's Public History, Private Stories, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota 1996 in Annali D'Italianistica, Chapel Hill, 1998.


Carlos Calle

*      Has been awarded a NASA fellowship to continue his research on the electromagnetic properties of the Martian soil at the Kennedy Space Center for three weeks in December.


Jennifer Crispen

*      Was a participant in the IMBA/Subaru Trailbuilding Clinic at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina November 6-8.

*      Headed the Field Hockey Program at Mercersburg Field Hockey Camp in Pennsylvania July 26-31

*      Has been named to the Board of the Penn Monto Field Hockey Foundation, and will attend the Fall Board Meeting in Hadley, Massachusetts November 13.  The Foundation is dedicated to promotion of field hockey for community and youth groups.

*      Has been nominated for South Regional Coach of the Year by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association

*      Is serving a third term as South Regional and National Chair of the National Field Hockey Coaches Association All-American Selection Committee

*      Presented the Parents' Information Session on College Recruiting and Compliance at the Old Dominion Athletic Conference/NCAA YES (Youth Education through Sports) Clinic in Harrisonburg October 31.

*      Has been named to coach the Southeast Team at the National Field Hockey Festival in West Palm Beach, Florida November 18-22


Pam DeWeese

*      Presented a paper entitled "The Influence of the Presocratic Philosophers in Antagonia" by Luis Goytisolo at the 48th Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference in Blacksburg, Virginia on October 9, 1998.


Eliana Hermann

*      Attended the Jessie Ball duPont Summer Seminar on Universal Human Rights in Multicultural Contexts at the National Humanities Center in North Carolina in June 1998.

*      Presented a paper entitled "El muerto de junior" y otros cuentos:  El realismo contemporáneo en la narrativa de Mabel Pagano at the 48th Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference at Virginia Tech in October.

*      Three book reviews have been accepted for publication:

a)    Francisca López. Mito y discurso en la novela fmenina de posguerra en EspaĖa. Hispanic Journal, Vol. XIX.1, 1998.

b)    Jorgelina Loubet.  Coordenadas literarias I: Estudios de literatura argentina.  Hispanic Journal.  Vol. XIX. 1, 1998.

c)    María Esther Vázquez.  Borges: Esplendor y derrota.  Hispanic Journal. Vol. XVIII, 2.

*      Contemporary Argentine Women Writers.  Ed. Eliana C. Hermann, Gustavo Fares, University Press of Florida, March 1998.


Marcia Robertson

*      Presented a paper entitled "Authority and Self-Representation in ‘The Loony-Bin Trip' and ‘An Unquiet Mind'."  West Virginia University's Twenty-Third Annual Colloquium on Literature and Film.  "Representing Identities:  Biography and Autobiography."  October 15-17, 1998.


Dawn Walker

*      Published this fall "Kaleidoscopic Reflections:  A Story of Self-concept and Invitations," Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice, Vol. 5, No. 2, 1998.

*      Published this fall with Patricia Anderson (East Carolina University) - "Forging Partnerships:  Developing Trust in ‘Linked' Field Experiences," Teachers Educators Journal, Vol. 8, No. 1, 1998.

*      Presented on Oct. 21, 1998 - "Self-esteem:  Building Confidence to Be Good Learners," Amherst County Schools Title I Parent Workshop Keynote Speaker.

*      Presented on Nov. 3, 1998 - "Creating A Climate for Success," Amherst County Staff Development Workshop.

*      Will present a paper at the Annual Meeting of the Southeast Regional Association of Teacher Educators - "Riding the Wave: Mutual Benefits in Professional Development Through Partnerships" on November 5-8 with Nancy Phillips (Lynchburg College).

*      Has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice


December 1998

Steve Bragaw

*      "Of Bottled Water and Nuclear Waste: Justices O'Connor and Douglas on Federalism and Public Choice in New York v. United States of 1945 and 1992."  Paper to be presented to the Annual Meeting of the New England Political Science Association, May 1, 1999.

*      "Federalism's Legal Defense Fund: The Intergovernmental Lobby and the U.S. Supreme Court, 1982-1997."  Paper to be presented to the Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Political Science Association, April 1999.

*      "The Rehnquist Court, the Topocrats, and the Tribal Governments."  Paper to be presented to the Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, March 1999.

*      "The Zoning of the First Amendment:  The Implications of _*City of Boerne v. Flores* _ for State and Local Governmental Litigation Strategies."  Paper to be presented to the Annual Meeting of the Virginia Political Science Association, December 5, 1998.

*      "The Evolution of Legal Reform."  Panel Discussant at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 5, 1998.

*      "Public Choices and the Capacity to Govern."  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Political Science Association, April 3, 1998.


Carlos Calle

*      C.I. Calle and H.S. Kim presented a paper entitled "Electrostatic Characteristics of Materials Exposed to Martian Simulant Dust Particles," at the 65th Annual Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society Meeting held in Miami, Florida, November 13-15, 1998.


William Kershner

*      Attended the theatre historian's convention (American Society for Theatre Research) in Washington, D.C., November 20-22.


Karl Tamburr

*      In October, Karl attended the twenty-fourth annual conference of the Southeastern Medieval Association, held at Agnes Scott College.  He chaired a session on "Late Middle English Literature," in which he delivered a paper entitled "The Harrowing of Hell in Piers Plowman."


January 1999

Emile Langlois

*      Published a book review in the latest issue of the French Review: 

Aubert, Jean-Marc, Bambous in French Review, Volume 72, No2 (December 1998), pp. 357-358.


Rebecca Massie Lane

*      Will be a presenter at the "Artworks for Virginia" conference sponsored by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, Richmond, January 20.  She will be a speaker on the panel addressing the topic of "Community Art Projects."


Barbara Perry

*      Served as a Moderator for the Missouri Supreme Court's Conference on Public Trust and Confidence.

*      Was a Panelist at the Virginia Conference on Political Scientists

*      Was a commentator for Knight-Ridder newspapers on the President and Congress

*      Was a guest on MS-NBC to discuss Chief Justice Rehnquist and the impeachment trial


February 1999

Steve Bragaw

*      One of two dozen invited to attend a conference on "Teaching U.S. Constitutional History" sponsored by the Supreme Court Historical Society & the University of Maryland Law School at College Park the weekend of March 18th.  [His application was based on his web-based syllabi for "American Political Thought" and "Law & Society."]

*      Submitted a solicited essay "Constitutional Ecclesiastics" [reviewing Howard Ball, _A Defiant Life: Thurgood Marshall & the Persistence of Racism in America (Crown, 1998) to Brightleaf: A Southern Review of Books.

*      Appeared as an invited guest on the "Kenny Shelton Show" on WLNI to discuss the impeachment trial, the Carl Bernstein lecture, and the upcoming presidential election.


John Gregory Brown

*       "Master of Contradiction," an essay on Portugese novelist Jose Saramago was published in the Chicago Tribune, October 25, 1998.

*      "A Sheltered Life," a review of Eudora Welty: Complete Novels, Eudora Welty: Stories, Essays & Memoir, and Ann Waldron's Eudora: A Writer's Life was published in the Chicago Tribune, January 3, 1999.

*      "Other Bodies, Ourselves: The Mask of Fiction" will appear as an introduction in the book Creating Fiction, Story Press, April 1999. Edited by Julie Checkoway.

*      Currently teaching a fiction-writing workshop for Amherst County high school students.


Carlos Calle

*      Presented a paper entitled "Electrical Properties of Martian Simulant Dust Particles," at the 193rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Austin, Texas on January 9, 1999.


Paul Cronin

*      October 1998 – Was a Senior Judge at the New England Field Hunter Championships in Medfield, Massachusetts

*      January 1999 – Was elected to the Affiliated National Riding Council (ANRC) as Advisory Member at Large (ANRC is affiliated with the National Association of Girls and Women in Sport and the American Alliance of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.)


Eliana Hermann

*      Has received a grant from the Center for International Business and Education Research to take a course for Spanish Faculty Development in International Business at the University of South Carolina from June 24-July 1, 1999.


Allen Huszti

*       Sang the bass solos from Handel's Messiah with the Bedford Choral Society at Smith Mountain Lake on December 6, 1998.

*      Was guest accompanist with the Madrigal Singers of the University of California at Irvine, CA on Dec. 15, 1998.

*      Attended an Alexander Technique Workshop at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio from Dec. 27 to Dec. 31, 1998.

*      Presented an Alexander Technique Workshop at Randolph-Macon Woman's College for the Central Virginia Music Teachers Association on January 13, 1999.


Scott Hyman

*      Scott Hyman and collaborators at the Naval Research Laboratory held a press release of a detailed radio image of the center of our galaxy at the January meeting of the American Astronomical Society.  The research is described in an article in the January 30, 1999 issue of Science News magazine.


Ella and Mark Magruder

*      On January 7, 1999, Mark and Ella Magruder performed two performances for elementary age children at Saratoga Springs Elementary in Springfield, Virginia.  At The Steward School in Richmond, Virginia they presented two performances, one for elementary, another for grades 6-12 on January 8, 1999.  At each school they also taught a workshop in creative dance.

*      On May 20-22, 1998, Mark and Ella Magruder performed for the Pro-Art Association at Powell Valley Primary School, Coeburn Primary School, Adams Elementary, St. Paul Elementary and Wise Primary School.  On April 25, 1998 they presented a full-length evening performance of their work at Gloucester Montessori, in Gloucester, Virginia.


Polly Porter

*      Has been selected to serve as a volunteer athletic trainer at the U.S. Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs, Colorado from August 3-18, 1999.


March 1999

Gerald Berg

*       Published an article entitled: "Radama's Smile: Domestic Challenges to Royal Ideology in Early Nineteenth-Century Imerina" in the History of Africa 25 (1998), 69-92.


Steve Bragaw

*      Was just accepted to present "Zoning the ‘City on the Hill': The Limits of Interest Group Litigation after City of Boerne v. Flores" to the Annual Meeting of the Law & Society Association Meeting, May 27, 1999 in Chicago, Illinois.

*      Has been invited as an attendee of the "Teaching Constitutional History" Seminar sponsored by the Supreme Court Historical Society and the University of Maryland Law School, March 1999.

*      Will present a paper entitled: "Intergovernmental Relations in the Court of the Conqueror: The States versus the Nations in the Rehnquist Era" to the Western Political Science Association Annual meeting in Seattle, Washington March 1999.


Carlos Calle

*      Received the 1999 NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship to continue his research on the electrostatic properties of the Martian soil at the Kennedy Space Center.  His research is of critical importance to NASA's 2001 and 2003 Mars Surveyor Missions.

Judith Evans Grubbs

*      Published a review of Perpetua's Passion: The Death and Memory of a Roman Woman (by Joyce Salisbury) in the American Historical Review, February 1999.

*      Was invited to give a talk "Virgins and Widows, Show-girls and Whores: Women and Christianity in Late Roman Law" at Texas A & M University, March 1, 1999.

Jonathan Green

*      In November, his incidental music for the play, Hannah Elias, received six performances at Winston-Salem State University

*      In November, his La lune séduisante was performed at New Music Festival at Valdosta State University under the auspices of the Society of Composers, Inc. (of which he is not a member).

*      In December, his Virgin's Cradle Hymn was premiered by the College Choir at SUNY Fredonia.  It was done here the next day at Christmas Vespers.

*      In January, he was on a panel on "Holiday Programming" at the annual conference of the Conductors Guild.

*      On 6 February, he conducted the North Carolina Central District Middle School All-State Band, which included the premiere of his Sacred Shadows.  This work was commissioned for the festival.

*      His When We Were Giants was performed at Tennessee Tech, University of Alabama, and UNC Greensboro last semester.  It has now been recorded for release sometime in February

*      In February, he attended a New Music Festival at Mississippi State University where three of his pieces were performed:  Phos Hilaron, Ave verum, and Benediction.  The first two are premieres.

*      He has been invited to do a brief residency at the University of Massachusetts next year through their Alumni/Emerging Artists program.


Allen Huszti

*      Sang a concert in honor of Florence Vickland Calder at Westminster-Canterbury on Friday, February 19.

*      Presented an Alexander Technique Workshop for the Cleveland (Ohio) chapter of the American Guild of Organists on Sunday, February 28.

*      Played a short organ recital for a community Lenten service at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg on Wednesday, March 3.

*      Presented Alexander Technique Workshops at Randolph-Macon Woman's College for the Dance Department on February 25 and March 4.

*      Performed the role of the voice of God in Benjamin Britten's, Noyes Fludde, at St. John's Episcopal Church in Lynchburg on March 12 and 13.


Barbara Perry

*      Lectured on "Presidential Symbolism in the Kennedy and Clinton Eras" at the Vero Beach, Florida Arts Center, sponsored by Sweet Briar alumnae

*      Published a chapter on gender and equal protection in The Bill of Rights, the Courts, and the Law

*      Supervised Christine Bump's application for a Truman Scholarship  (Ms. Bump has been selected as a Truman Finalist.)


Lynn Sawlivich

*      Presented a paper entitled "Beyond Sappho: Women's Alternative Sexualities in Ancient Greece and Rome" at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale on March 3, 1999.


The Classics Department

*      The Department of Classical Studies was invited to participate in Foreign Language Week at Chatham Hall School on February 11, 1999.  Judith Evans Grubbs spoke on "Roman Women" and Lynn Sawlivich gave a reading of Latin poetry and a demonstration of Latin poetic meters.


April 1999

Steve Bragaw

*       Presented "Federalism's Legal Defense Fund: The Intergovernmental Lobby and the U.S. Supreme Court, 1982-1997" at the Midwest Political Science Association Meeting in Chicago.

*       Will present "Of Bottled Water and Nuclear Waste: Public Choice Theories of Federalism in New York v United States, 1945 and 1993" in Providence, Rhode Island on April 30th.


Marie Therese Killiam

Marie-ThérŹse Killiam chaired a session entitled Beyond Theatrical Boundaries at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Colloquium of 20th Century French Studies on Globalization and Multiculturalism.