September 1997

Greg Armstrong

*      A book review for Church History, of Refiguring the Post Classical City:  Dura Europos, Jerash, Jerusalem and Ravena.  By Annabel Jane Wharton.  Cambridge, New York, Melbourne:  Cambridge University Press, 1995.


John Goulde

*      SBC Representative to Executive Board Meeting of the Virginia Consortium for Asian Studies at the University of Virginia, March 22, 1997

*      Guest Lecturer on the topic, Suffering and the Search for Meaning Senior Colloquium, Lynchburg College, April 15, 1997.

*      SBC Representative to Executive Board Meeting of the Southern Atlantic States Association for Asian and African Studies, Burlington, NC, April 18-19, 1997.

*      Invited to present a paper on "Accelerating Changes in Korean Society and Culture" at the 1997 Asian Studies Conference, University of South Carolina, Columbia,  SC, May 2-4, 1997.

*      Elected Member-at-Large, Executive Board of the Faculty Senate of Virginia, appointed to sub-committee on Public Relations, May 31, 1997.

*      Appointed to Editorial Board of Acta Koreana, an annual journal of Korean and Korean-American studies, Keimyung-Baylo University, Los Angeles, CA June 4, 1997.

*      Prepublication Book Review, Charles Muller, The Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment, SUNY Press, June 15, 1997.

*      Invited to present a paper on "Multicultural and Intercultural Perspectives in Korean Studies:  The Case of Taoist Historiography" at The 2nd International Conference of Korean Studies, Keimyung, University, Taegu, South Korean June 25-28, 1997.

*      Discussant for the panel, The Future Pahs of Korean Studies, at The 2nd International Conference of Korean Studies, Keimyung University , Taegu, South Korea June 25-28, 1997.


Allen Hustzi

*      Sang Schubert vocal quartets in a concert at Hollins College on April 7, 1997.

*      Gave two introductory lectures on Alexander Technique at Chaplain Lehman's house on April 8 and April 15, 1997.

*      Was a voice masterclass teacher at Randolph-Macon Woman's College on April 14, 1997, introducing the principles of the Alexander Technique to voice students, explaining how F.M. Alexander's ideas can improve vocal performance and vocal technique.

*      Accompanied Renee Gunn's senior voice recital on April 19, 1997.

*      Performed an organ recital at Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Amherst on May 4, 1997.  The program included the Eight "little" Preludes and Fugues by Bach, choral preludes bo Bohm and Scheidt, and a toccata by Muffat.

*      Adjudicated at the King's Dominion Choral Festival on Saturday, May 10, 1997.

*      Sang in a concert of French sacred music at Christ Church, Roanoke, VA, on Sunday, May 18, 1997.  Also appearing on the program were the Garth Newel Chamber musicians.

Joan Kent

*      Was awarded a Mednick Fellowship by the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges for Summer research in England.  Continued research on Local Government and Society 1640‑1740 and also investigated the distribution of personal property in  the wills of early modern English women of middling status.

Barbara Perry

(Summer 1997)

*      Taught in the two-week Supreme Court Institute in Washington, DC;

*      Was a panel member on "Leadership and Ethics" at the VFIC Meeting in Williamsburg;

*      Served as a consultant for the ABA on judicial independence;

*      Appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio to discuss the William Weld/Jesse Helms debate;

*      Was a discussant at the American Political Science Association Meeting for a panel on Justice William Brennan


Chris Witcombe

*      Web site named as Site of the Week by Austria Information Switchboard, a private information page run by students at Vienna Universities.


November 1997

Pam DeWeese

*      In November, 1996 Pam DeWeese was named to the Editorial Board of The Luis Goytisolo Foundation centered in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.  She will review articles for presentation at the annual symposium and also those to be included in the Foundation's journal, Antagonia.

*      Attended the NACADA (National Association for Academic Advising) in Kansas City, Oct. 8th, 1997, where she attended seminars and sessions related to advising learning disabled students and the formation of integrated advising systems at liberal arts colleges which utilize faculty members as the primary academic advisors for all students.

*      Attended a workshop on assessment hosted by Lynchburg College and directed by Doug Eder, Director of Undergraduate Assessment and Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, October 28-30.


John Goulde

*      October 23-24, 1997:  Presentation:  Korea:  The Untold Story at "Teaching about Asia Workshop" sponsored by the Korea Society and West Chester University, West Chester, PA.


Eliana Hermann

*      October 16-18 47th Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.  Eterna:  la Eva de Mabel

*      October 23-24  International Conference on Borders and Foundations.  State University of West Georgia.  Carrollton, Georgia.  Imagen plastica y verbal del tema ิ viajes'


Bonnie Kestner

*      Taught Lifeguard Training course to five Sweet Briar faculty sons/daughters, June 1997.

*      Served on ODAC Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning.

*      Participated in Alexander Technique Workshop at Sweet Briar, July 8-13, 1997.

*      Competed in US Masters Swimming Long Course National Championships in Orlando, Florida August 14-18, 1997.  In Women's 45-49 age group, placed:

-First in 200 meter Butterfly and 400 meter Individual Medley

-Third in 800 meter Freestyle and 200 meter Backstroke

-Fourth in 100 meter Backstroke

-Sixth in 200 meter Individual Medley

*      Attended American Swimming Coaches Association World Coaches Clinic in Orlando, Florida, September 3-7, 1997.


Rebecca Massie Lane

*      Served as a panelist for Virginia Commission for the Arts, 1997-98 Project Grants, Area II Panel, October 23.

*      Led session, "Using Museum Resources in Teaching" for Amherst County Public Schools' Staff Development Workshop, Nov. 3-4, 1997.


Amber Moncure

*      Attended a workshop on assessment hosted by Lynchburg College and directed by Doug Eder, Director of Undergraduate Assessment and Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, October 28-30.


Marcia Robertson

*      Gave a paper entitled "Just How Far Can a Middle Man Go?:  Laban Miles, The Osage, and the White Man's Road" at the Western Literature Association Convention, October 15-18, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Margaret Scouten

*      Professor Scouten was awarded a travel grant to Perth, Australia as a representative of the VACIE (Va. Council of Internatinal Education).  The purpose of the trip was to consider study abroad and faculty exchange opportunities.  The public universities in Perth which were visited are:  Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, Murdock University and University of Western Australia.  Virginia students are invited to apply directly to these institutions rather than applying for admission through American-based organizations.  This admissions procedure will reduce the high fees charged by the American organizations, thus offering significant savings to Virginia Students.  Professor Scouten will be giving a slide presentation of the upcoming Virginia consortium in Australia (to be announced).


Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe

*      "Mary Magdalen as a Penitent Prostitute in Renaissance Art." Invited paper given at the conference on "Mary Magdalen in History and Legend" at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles.

*      "Cum Privilegio:  Copyright in Renaissance."  Paper given in the session "History, Art, and Copyright" at the College Art Association (CAA) annual conference, New York.

*      "Albrecht Durer's Prodigal Son."  An article accepted for publication in "Source:  Notes in the History of Art."

*      Website:  "Gateway to Art History."  A World Wide Web site for use with the art history textbook "Gardner's Art Through the Ages" and maintained for Harcourt Brace & Company.  <http://www.harbrace.com/art/gardner/ARTHIntroPage.html>.


Kellie Young

*      December 1996 - Attended the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches' Association (IWLCA) meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY for 3 days

*      January 1997 - Attended the National Soccer Coaches' Association of America (NSCAA) meeting in Nashville, TN for 3 days

*      May 1997 - Elected as President of the Virginia Women's Lacrosse Association and Elected as Member of the Executive Board of the United States Women's Lacrosse Association

*      May 4, 1997 - Tried out for Virginia Lacrosse Team and was selected for Team 1 (out of 2)

*      May 10, 1997 - Represented Virginia in South Regional Tournament in Ananpolis, MD - Team won the Tournament

*      May 11, 1197 - Tried out for the South teams and was selected for South 1 (out of 4)

*      May 24, 1997 - Participated in the USWLA National Tournament in Philadelphia

*      May 26, 1997 - Team came in 2nd place (out of 6).  Tournament also acts as first round of tryouts for US TEAM.  Put her name in to stand for selection.  Selected to tryout for the National Team.  1 of 20-25 chosen out of 150

*      May 31-June 1, 1997 - Tried out for National Team at Squad Trials in Philadelphia, PA.  Try-outs consist of current US National Team members, those athletes selected to the Division I, II and III All America Squad and those of us chosen at the USWLA National Tournament.  Total approximately 90 individuals.  Made it through both rounds of cuts on Saturday.  One of 25 players remaining on Sunday before final team chosen.

*      Summer Camps: Washington and Lee University (1 week) - soccer and lacrosse camp.  Head of Soccer.  Penn State University (1 week) - lacrosse.  Merestead Lacrosse Camp, Vermont (1 week) - soccer.  Merestead Lacrosse Camp, Massachusetts (2 weeks) - lacrosse.


December 1997

Elna Green

*      Elna Green's book, Southern Strategies, has been named an "Outstanding Academic Book for 1997" by Choice magazine.  The University of North Carolina Press calls this "one of the most prestigious honors that can be bestowed on a scholarly book."


Cheryl Mares

*      Cheryl Mares's paper entitled "Beauty and the Beast:  Assessing Pat Barker's Great War Trilogy" was presented at the Great War Symposium held at the University of South Carolina in November.  Her essay "Woolf and Her Contemporaries" was published this fall in Virginia Woolf and the Essay, eds. Rosenberg and Dubino, St. Martin's Press, pp. 117-36.


Elizabeth Stassinos

*      Elizabeth Stassinos defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Virginia in the Anthropology Department, entitled "Ruthlessly:  Ruth Benedict's pseudonyms and the art of science writ large".  Elizabeth and her dissertation chairman (Richard Handler) decided that the best defense would be the perfected Japanese hari-kari (much written about by Benedict). This involved her own critique of the dissertation and a plea to her readers to help her figure out how to better it for a wide public audience, the kind Benedict herself sought for her 1934 flapper-between the wars success, "Patterns of Culture".  Elizabeth would like to thank Greta Niu, Ed Schwarzschild and Arthur Schwarzschild for coming to Charlottesville to testify to her over-education and tree-hate.  Congratulations Elizabeth!!


February 1998

Greg Armstrong

Recently did a book review of the book "Religion and Authority in Roman Carthage from Augustus to Constantine", by J.B. Rives, in Church History, Vol. 66, No. 3, Sept. 1997.


Carrie Brown

*      Received a grant from the Virginia Commission of the Arts for $4,000 to work on her third novel, which will be set in Virginia. 


Max Graeber

*      Recently received a Certificate of Recognition from the Governor of Virginia for his many constructive contributions to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia in which the Governor officially recognized December 9, 1997 as Max Graeber Day.


Jill Granger

*      Has been elected to serve as the secretary for the Blue Ridge Section of the American Chemical Society.

*      Jill formally petitioned the National Council of Iota Sigma Pi to charter a new Iota Sigma Pi Chapter in the Lynchburg, Virginia area.  This chapter will initially consist of members from three local colleges, Sweet Briar College, Lynchburg College, and Randolph-Macon Woman's College.  Congratulations to Jill and the Iota Sigma Pi members as the National Council has accepted them as the 41st chapter of Iota Sigma Pi.


Eliana C. Hermann

*      Eliana Hermann along with Gustavo Fares edited "Contemporary Argentinean Women Writers:  A Critical Anthology."


Allen Huszti

*      Attended the Alexander Technique Internation General (Annual) Meeting in West Chester, Pennsylvania, November 6-9.

*      Sang Brahms duets in a program at Westminster-Canterbury in Lynchburg, November 22.

*      Sang the bass solos in Handel's Messiah, with the Bedford Choral Society at Smith Mountain Lake, December 14.

*      Sang the role of "Balshazzar" in Menotti's, Amahl and the Night Visitors, in Lynchburg on December 19-21.

*      Participated in the Culpeper Workshop on computers at R-MWC on January 5-9.

*      Attended a workshop for music teachers with Barbara Conable on how to prevent mis-use of the body in applied music teaching in Columbus, Ohio on January 17.

*      Will sing a "Valentine's Voice Recital" on Sunday, February 15 at 4 p.m. in the Memorial Chapel at Sweet Briar College.


Rebecca Massie Lane

*      Rebecca Massie Lane and Stacey Sharpes '98 received a grant of $2,342 in support of an exhibition entitled "Visions of the Apocalypse."


Laura Pharis

*      Had a solo exhibition of her art work, titled "String Music", at the Reynolds Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.  The show opened November 21 and was on view until December 24th.  Laura gave a talk about the work on December 7th at the Reynolds Gallery.


Dennis Sampson

*      Received a $3,000 grant from the Virginia Commission of the Arts.


March 1998

Greg Armstrong

*      Recently did a book review of the book "Refiguring the Post Classical City: Dura Europos, Jerash, Jerusalem and Ravenna by Annabel Jane Wharton in Church History, December 1997.


Paul Cronin

*      Was inducted into the Southwest Virginia Hunter Jumper Association's "Hall of Fame" at its Annual Awards Banquet in January 1998.  He was the only recipient of this honor for 1998.


Pamela DeWeese

*      Was an invited guest lecturer for the Vero Beach Center for the Arts' Humanities Lectures Series on Feb. 25th.  Her presentation was entitled: "Exploring the Rooms of the Mind:  Architectural Imagery in "The Interior Castle" of St. Teresa and "The House of  Bernarda Alba" by Federico Garcia Lorca.


Jonathan Green

*      Attended and introduced a pedagogy session at the Annual International Conference of the Conductors Guild in Washington, D.C., January 8-10, 1998.

*      Published in Music Now, volume 23, number 1 (January 1998) "Music Theory Class:  A Broader Approach".

*      Arranged for chamber orchestra Fern Hill and Journey of the Magi both by Tina Lovings, arranged for string orchestra on a commission from TinCup Music for a CD underwritten by the North  Carolina Arts Council.

*      Composed The Unlikely Courtier, for trumpet and doublebass in two movements for a concert in the fall of 1998 at Valdosta State University.

*      Completed and revised Sonata for Bassoon and Piano from original

sketches of 1990.

*      Three American Dances, first movement completed.

*      The Interior Castle, opera begun at VCCA in September, 1997, three numbers completed in piano-vocal score.

*      Will premier Aeolian Voyages for flute choir this March in Charlotte, NC as part of the Southeastern Composers League New Music Festival at UNC-Charlotte.

*      Received a commission from Dr. Dennis Askew to compose a Sonata for Tuba and Piano to be included on a CD project this summer and later to be performed in a music festival in Australia.

*      Has been commissioned by the North Carolina Central District Bandmasters Association to compose a work for the Symphonic Band of their 1999 Middle School Band Festival.  He will also serve as the guest conductor of that ensemble.


Ella and Mark Magruder

*      Performed two performances for elementary age children at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia for Longwood's Arts in the Schools program on November 20, 1997.

*      Presented a full length evening performance of their work at Clinch Valley College of the University of Virginia in Wise, Virginia on Monday, February 2nd.

*      Presented a lecture demonstration at Mountain Empire Community College in Big Stone Gap, Virginia on February 3, 1998.  They also performed two performances for the Pro-Art Association at Norton Elementary and Appalachia Elementary on Feb. 2 & 3, 1998.


Barbara Perry

*      Organized a panel and delivered a paper on Israel's Supreme Court at the Southern Political Science Association Meeting in Norfolk.  

*      Delivered a lecture on U.S. Supreme Court to Sweet Briar Alumnae Club in Phoenix. 

*      Had a paper on Supreme Court appointments accepted for publication by Judicature. 

*      Organized a panel on judicial independence for meeting of Judicial Fellows at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C.


April 1998

Carlos Calle

*      Has been awarded the 1998 NASA Faculty Fellowship to undertake a research project at the Kennedy Space Center this summer.  The project will be titled "Electrostatic Charge and Discharge of Sub-micron Dust Particles in the Simulated Martian Environment."  This project is of relevance to NASA's ongoing exploration of Mars.


Pamela DeWeese

*      Attended the Carolina Conference on Romance Literatures in Chapel Hill, North Carolina March 19-21, 1998.  She chaired a session on short narrative by contemporary women writers in Spain.


Eliana Hermann

*      On March 10, 1998, Eliana Hermann gave two presentations at Occidential College, Foreign Language Department.  She gave a talk on the subject of ิthe exile'.  The two presentations were to two different groups. The first presentation was in Spanish: "El tema del exilio en cinco escritoras argentinas contemporaneas".  The other presentation was in English: "The "Hypothesis of Repression" in the Literature of the Contemporary Argentine Women Writers".


Lee Piepho

*      Gave a paper on grammar school education and the formation of habits of reading in early modern England titled: "Mantuan in the Schoolroom: Habits of Reading in Early Modern England" at the Renaissance Society of America conference at the University of Maryland.


May 1998

Rosalia Ascari

*      Attended the Northeast Conference in New York City on April 16-18 where she read a paper on "Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo".

*      Attended the VII International Conference at Cork University, Ireland on April 23-26 where she read a paper on "Space and Time in the Cinematic Versions of Cain's The Postman always rings twice."


John Gregory Brown

*      His story "Laps" was published in the Spring 1998 issue of Shenandoah

*      An interview with John Gregory Brown appeared in the Winter 1997-1998 issue of Louisiana Cultural Vistas

*      Delivered a lecture entitled "Other Bodies, Ourselves:  The Mask of Fiction" at Loyola University in New Orleans, March 30, 1998.

*      Served as a moderator for the "First Novel" panel at the Virginia Festival of the Book on March 22, 1998 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

*      John Gregory Brown's review of David K. Shipler's A Country of Strangers: Blacks and Whites in America was published in the Chicago Tribune on December 14, 1997.  His review of J.M. Coetzee's Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life was published on November 16, 1997 in the Chicago Tribune.


Elna Green

*      Was a guest speaker on the woman suffrage movement in the South at the Graduate Seminar in Southern History at the University of Virginia on Feb. 13

*      Was a guest lecturer on woman suffrage at Randolph-Macon Woman's College on April 14

*      Will speak on woman suffrage at Hampden-Sydney's Alumni College on June 5

*      Has had a paper "Race, Gender, and Social Welfare in the New South: African-American Women and the Richmond City Almshouse" accepted for presentation at the American Historical Association annual meeting in January 1999

*      Will chair a session on "Georgia Women in Progressive and New Deal Reforms" at the November 1998 Southern Historical Association meeting

*      Has had an article "Gender and the Radical Right in the South: The Conservative Career of Ida M. Darden" accepted for publication by the Journal of Southern History


Eliana Hermann

*      Organized and chaired a session for NEMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association) Libertadores de la Libertad en la Argentina on April 17-19

*      Has had a proposal accepted for the Eighth Binnenial Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in October 2-3 at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.


Allen Huszti

*      Performed in a concert of early Baroque vocal and instrumental music at Hollins College on March 9

*      Was soloist at a community mid-week Lenten series at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg on March 25

*      Sang the role of Pontius Pilate in Handel's St. John Passion at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg on April 5

*      Sang the baritone solos in Dubois' Seven Last Words at Heritage United Methodist Church in Lynchburg on April 10

*      Gave a masterclass in Alexander Technique to the voice students at Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg on April 24

*      Was a soloist on Opera Roanoke's Atrium Series performance of excerpts of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke on April 26


Sang Hwang

*      A recent article by Sang W. Hwang entitled "Towards a Transdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Development:  Contribution Towards Theory and Practice" was published in Environmental Problem Solving edited by Vezjak, Stuhler, and Mulej. 1997.  Published by Rainer Hampp Velag, Munich, Germany.


Marie Therese Killiam

*      Organized and chaired a session entitled Stereotypes of the Self and Other at the 15th International Colloquium in 20th century French and Francophone Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, March 26-28, 1998.


Bessie Kirkwood

*      Has had a manuscript with co-author, Ted Chang, accepted for publication by the Journal of Multivariate Analysis.  Its title is:  "Combining Estimates of Tectonic Place Rotations:  An Extension of Welch's Method to Spherical Regression."


Rebecca Massie Lane

*      Served as a Field Reviewer for the Institute of Museum Services, General Operating Support Competition in April 1998

*      Will serve as a Panelist for the Virginia Commission for the Arts, General Operating Support and Project Support Competitions, May 1998


Greta Niu

*      Presented a paper at a symposium on March 7, 1998, honoring the 15th anniversary of the Women's Studies Program at Duke University.  Her paper, "Women in a Pacific Century: Post-Colonial Politics from Imelda and Cory to GABRIELA," examined the different ways elite women practice politics and how poor women build International coalitions to address imperialism in the Philippines.  With the support of the Honors Program, she brought 4 students (Caitlin Russo '01, Jenne-Lauren Salapka '01, Caroline Stark '00, and Kelly Bowman '98) to participate in the day-long symposium and discussions.


Edward Schwarzschild

*      Has had two book reviews published in the Chicago Tribune: of Robert Olen Butler's The Deep Green Sea on February 8, 1998 and of Jim Shephard's Nosferatu on April 5, 1998

*      Had an essay review published entitled "The Continuing Creation of the Peale Legacy" in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 122, pp. 117-23