September 1996

Carlos Calle

*      Signed a publishing contract with Mosby, Inc., for the publication of The Excitement of Physics.  The final form of the manuscript is to be delivered by August 1, 1998, and publication is expected by the summer of 1999.

*      Participated in the Workshop on QC3D (Quantum Chromodynamics: Collisions, Confinement and Chaos) at the American University of Paris during the week of June 3-9, 1996, chairing a discussion session.


John Goulde

*      Was a participant in The George Washington University Colloquium on the Korean Humanities:  "Views of Enlightenment and Monastic Practice in Korean Son (Ch'an/Zen) Buddhism" April 27, 1996 in Washington, D.C.

*      Was invited to present a paper on the topic:  Korean Studies in the U.S.:  The Past and the Future, at the First International Korean Studies Conference, Keimyong-Baylo University, Los Angeles, CA  July 19‑22, 1996.

*      Was invited to give a lecture on the topic Chong'gyo taehwa e issoso chu kekgwanjok ihae at annual meeting of the Carolina International Cultural Alliance, Fayetteville, NC July 27‑28, 1996.

*      Traveled to Bainbridge Island, Seattle, WA to pack the Vincent Collection of Asian Books for the SBC Library, August 15‑19,1996.


Elna Green

*      Gave a paper entitled "From Antisuffragism to Anticommunism:  The Conservative Career of Ida M. Darden" at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, June 1996 in Chapel Hill, NC.

*      Has received a contract to edit an anthology for the University of Georgia Press, entitled "New Essays in Southern Social Welfare History."

*      Will give a paper, entitled "Poorhouse Babies:  The Almshouse as Maternity Home, Richmond, Virginia, 1885-1910," at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, January 1997--one of two selected for co-sponsorship by the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.

*      Will serve as book review editor for H-SAWH, an electronic discussion group sponsored by the Souther Association of Women Historians.


Brett Greider

*      Participated in a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on Religion and Diversity in American Society at Haverford College from July 8 to August 9.


Rebecca McNutt

*      Has been elected President of the Central Virginia Music Teachers Association for 1996‑98.

*      During the 25th Anniversary of the International Workshops in Graz, Austria:  performed a program of Chopin in the Neubau Aula at the Musikhochschule; performed Schubert's "Trout" Quintet on a program of chamber music at the Minoritensaal; and presented a lecture entitled, "Pedaling with Finesse," at the Musikhochschule.


Ella and Mark Magruder

*      During the summer of 1996 performed and conducted five residencies through their sponsorship by the Virginia Commission for the Arts.  In May performed for Holy Cross Regional School in Lynchburg, Colonial Elementary in Botetourt, Gretna Elementary School in Pittsylvania County, and locally at Amherst Elementary School.  Also performed two concerts for the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Festival on June 15, 1996.  During the month of June taught 75 workshops for children in the Augusta County Summer Arts Program for the Gifted and Talented.



Cheryl Mares

*      Has had an article accepted for a collection entitled Virginia Woolf and the Essay, scheduled for publication by St. Martin's Press in December 1997.  The title of the article is "'The Burning Ground of the Present': Virginia Woolf on Her Contemporaries."

*      She has had a paper accepted for a special session, "The Great War and Psychoanalysis in Pat Barker's Trilogy," at the 1996 MLA Convention.  The title of the paper is "'We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers': Narcissism and the Failure of Theory in Barker's Trilogy."

*      This summer attended the Penn State Theory and Culture Seminar, "Performative Subjectivities:  Agents, Bodies, Identities," where she participated in a seminar directed by Eve Kosofsky-Sedgewick.


October 1996

Jim Alouf

Delivered the following conference papers during his sabbatical:

*      "Skeptical Inquiry: The Backbone of Democratic Civic Competence," Association of Teacher Educators Summer Conference, Tarpon Springs, FL  August 6, 1996.

*      "Group Process in the Classroom" and "Ways to Write Chapter Two's Literature Review," Association of Teacher Educators, St. Louis, February 24, 1996.

*      "Cooperative Learning, Group Process, and Affective Education, "Kappa Delta Pi Convocation, Birmingham, AL Nov 3, 1995.

*      "A Collaborative Model for Teaching Human Diversity," Kappa Delta Pi Convocation, Birmingham, AL, Nov 3, 1995.

*      "Using Group Process Activities with Urban-Based Teachers," Association of Teacher Educators Summer Conference, Williamsburg, VA August 8, 1995.

*      "Bertrand Russell's Model for Teacher Education," Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting, Columbia, MD., July 2, 1995.

*      Published "Bertrand Russell's Model for Teacher Education, Journal of the Bertrand Russell Society, fall 1995.

*      American History Smart Junior:  Exploring America's Past, will be published by The Princeton Review, November 1996.


John Goulde

*      Made a presentation at a Southern Atlantic States Association for Asian and African Studies Faculty Development Seminar on Teaching About Korea:  "The Importance of Korea in non-Western and Asian Studies Curricula" VPISU, September 27, 1996.


Scott Hyman

*      Presented results on Radio Continuum Mapping of NGC 4258 at the summer meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Madison, WI, June 10, 1996.


Alix Ingber

*      Has published her bilingual anthology of Golden Age Spanish Sonnets (100 sonnets with verse translations from the 16th and 17th centuries) on the World Wide Web.  The site may be seen at:  http://w3.wo.sbc.edu/ingber/sonnetTexts.sonnets.html.


Ninie Laing

*      Attended a three-week summer program on the History and  Architecture of Oxford held at Oxford University.  It was run jointly with University of California, Berkeley.

*      Completed the Walking Tour of Sweet Briar's Historic District;  publication date uncertain, but it is assumed it will be in the spring to coincide with the celebration of our status as a Historic District as listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Ella and Mark Magruder

*      Completed a three-day residency September 23‑25 in Franklin County.  Presented seven dance performances; one full-length evening production at Ferrum College, two lecture demonstrations for middle school students and four performances for elementary school children.  The residency was sponsored by Franklin County Arts Guild, Ferrum College and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.


Brent Shea

*      Represented Sweet Briar as Delegate and Chapter President, American Association of University Professors Annual Conference, Washington, DC, June 5-9, 1996.

*      Participated in General Assembly Meeting of Ius Primi Viri International Association as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors, Rome, Italy, July 7-10, 1996.

*      Attended Conference for Department Chairs at Annual Meeting of American Sociological Association, New York City, August 15‑17, 1996.



John Goulde

*      Made a presentation to Friends of the Library, "We Chinee:  The John B. and Iren Vongehr Vincent Collection," Sweet Briar College, October 18, 1996.


Kate Gray

*      Delivered a paper at the University of Victoria Beckett Festival (BC), May 3-5, 1996:  "The Beckettian Stage Body:  The Turn Away from 'Character'" (to be published in monograph of proceedings from that conference).

*      "Beckettian Interiority" Becket Today/Aujourd'hui 5 (Beckett & la psychanalyse & psychoanalysis), Autumn 1996.

*      Delivered a paper to the Samuel Beckett Working Group and the International Federation of Theatre Research, Tel Aviv, June 1996:  "How It Is We Go On:  Beckett and Performativity via Foucault and Butler."

*      "Troubling the Body:  Toward a Theory of Beckett's Use of the Human Body on Stage" Journal of Beckett Studies 5:1 (forthcoming).

*      "Footfalls...faux Pas?" (Review of two productions of Footfalls at the British Columbia festival) Journal of Beckett Studies 5:1 (forthcoming).


Joan Kent

*      Was awarded the DONALD M. SUTHERLAND PRIZE for 1996, given by the American Society for Legal History for the "article deemed the most significant contribution to English legal history" published during 1995.  The prize, presented during the Society's annual conference (held this year in Richmond on October 18‑19) was awarded for her article, "The Centre and the Localities:  State Formation and Parish Government in England, ca. 1640-1740," HISTORICAL JOURNAL vol. 38, no 2 (1995).


Marie-Thˇr¸se Killiam

*      Article "Claudel, l'Amˇrique et autres vues post-modernes," will be in The French Review, October 1996.

*      Article "Mother, Madness and Individuation in the Recent Fiction of French Women Writers," accepted for publication in Europe Plurilingue, Paris, winter issue 1996-1997.


Joe Monk

*      Is exhibiting in Plastic Fantastic:  Toys in Art, October 1, 1996-June 14, 1997 at the Art Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA


Marcia Robertson

*      Presented "The Uses of Memory:  Placement and Displacment in Jewett and Cather."  Sarah Orne Jewett and Her Contemporaries:  The Centennial Conference June 21-2.

*      Article, Where the Truth Lies:  Constructions of the Self in Bloodlines and Halfbreed."  The Newberry Library's Occasional Papers in Curriculum Series;  The Construction of Gender and the Experience of Women in American Indian Societies 20 (Jan 1996).

*      Review of American Women Writers and the Work of History, 1790-1860 by Nina Baym.  Nineteenth Century Studies 10 (1996).


Margaret Scouten

*      Participated on a panel entitled "Opportunities for U.S. Minorities in the Francophone World" at the 48th Annual Conference of NAFSA (Association of International Educators) in Phoenix, AZ June 1996

*      Was reelected Treasurer of the NAFSA Francophone Special Interest Group for 1996-97.


December 1996

John Goulde

*      Presented a paper "Tan'gun Taoism in Pre-Modern Korea:  The Legacy Continues" on a panel on the Reinterpretation of the Tradition in Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism in Korea at the 1996 American Academicy of Religion Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA Nov 23-26, 1996.


Joe Monk

*      Was invited to exhibit in Uncle Drosselmeyer's Other Gifts, a show of toys by artists at the Hand Workshop, Richmond, VA November 2-23, 1996.


Mike Richards

*      Has been appointed editor of the European History Section (Southern Historical Association Newsletter for a five-year term beginning with the fall 1997 issue.

*      Signed a contract to do a second edition of Europe, 1900‑1980: a Brief History (to be retitled A Brief History of Twentieth-Century Europe) with Harlan Davidson, Inc.-to be co-authored with Paul Waibel of Belhaven College.

*      Presented a paper to the 1996 meeting of the Southeast World History Association on "World History and the Comparative Study of Revolution:  A Critique of Theda Skocpol's Work"-named as State Coordinator for Virginia for the Southeast World History Association.


Ed Schwarzschild

*      Published an essay entitled "Death-Defying/Defining Spectacle:  Charles Willson Peale as Early American Freak Showman," in Freakery:  Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body, a book edited by Rosemarie Garland Thomson, published by New York University Press, 82-96.

*      A short story, entitled "Open Heart," was accepted for publication by the journal River Styx."

*      Lectured on "Charles Willson Peale and his American Museum" to Professor Laura Katzman's Museum Studies seminar at Randolph-Macon Woman's College.

*      Presented a paper entitled "From Physiognotrace to Kinematoscope:  Visual Technology and the Peale Family's Preservation," at the annual national meeting of the American Studies Association in Kansas City, MO Oct 31-Nov 3, 1996.


Karl Tamburr

*      Participated in a panel discussion entitled, "Teaching the History of the Language:  Assignments that Work."  This session was part of the annual conference of the Southeastern Medieval Association held at Baylor University Oct 3-6, 1996.


February 1997

John Gregory Brown

*      A review of Jane Lazarre's Beyond the Whiteness of White:  Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons and Osha Gray Davidson's The Best of Enemies:  Race and Redemption in the New South appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

*      A review of Philip Graham's story collection Interior Design also appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

*      Was a Visiting Writer at The American University in Washington D.C., delivering a reading and offering two workshops to graduate students.

*      Read at the University of Georgia and delivered a lecture and reading at the Seven Hills School in Cincinnati.

*      Served as the novella judge for the 1996 Pirate's Alley Faulkner Competition in New Orleans.

*      In February will read to the Charlotte, North Carolina, Sweet Briar Alumnae Group.


Allen Huszti

*      Complete a three-year training program at the Alexander Foundation in Philadelphia in May, and is now a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

*      Was principal singer with Opera Roanoke in performances of Bernstein's Candide during June.

*      Was principal singer in Stephen Paulus' opera, The Village Singer, for the Shenandoah Back Festival at Eastern Mennonite University in June.

*      Attended two Alexander Technique workshops at Sweet Briar College in July.

*      Taught harpsichord, fortepiano and organ at the two Central Virginia Suzuki Institutes at Sweet Briar College in August.

*      Attended the Master Schola at Orleans, Massachusetts where he studied Gregorian Chant and Bach's St. Matthew Passion in August.  Was selected by audition to sing in the performance of the Bach Passion under the direction of Stephen Cleobury, King's College, Cambridge.

*      Performed an organ recital at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg on September 4.

*      Performed lead role of Tvye in Sweet Briar College's production of Fiddler on the Roof for Families' Weekend in October.

*      Sang as bass soloist in Messiah at the First Presbyterian Church in Roanoke on December 15, 1996.

*      Attended an Alexander Tech. Workshop in Columbus, Ohio in December.


March 1997

Carlos Calle

*      Gave a paper entitled "Atomic Resolution Imaging with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope in the Introductory Laboratory," at the American Association of Physics Teachers Winter Meeting January 4-9, 1997.


David G. Johnson

*      The following have public and corporate collections of  my work:  The Office of the Secretary of State, U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., the U.S.  State Department-American Embassy in Zurich, Switzerland and the North American Citibank Corporation in New York, NY.

*      Had exhibitions as follows:  "American Renaissance" 15 American painters, 1996-1998 Traveling Show, Barcelona, Spain; Sarajevo (the former Yugoslavia), Paris, France, Munich, Germany, Florence, Italy and Seoul, South Korea; "Seen Unseen"," Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN September 1996; "Paintings by David Johnson" at the Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA in October 1996.

*      New Gallery Representations in 1996 are The Addison Ripley Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Marcia Wood Gallery and The Lowe Gallery, both in Atlanta, GA.


April 1997

Rosalia Ascari

*      Read a paper at the XVII National Convention of the American Association of Italian Studies at Winston-Salem in February 1997 on "Aspects of Rural Life in  Sicilian-Literature" and will read a paper on April 5 in New York at the Northeast Conference on "Italian Language and Dialects."

Claudia Chang

*      A book chapter has been accepted for publication Chapter 7, Greek Sheep, Albanian Shepherds:  Hidden Economies in the European Union, pp. 123-139, In Aegean Strategies:  Studies of Culture and Environment on the European Fringe, edited by P. Nick Kardulias and Mark Shutes.  Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (to be published in 1997)

*      Is co-organizing a symposium titled "The Evolution of Eurasian Steppe Cultures During the Late Iron Age Period (Sake/Sarmatian Cultures)" with Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball to be held at the Society for American Archaeology Sixty-Second Annual Meetings, April 2‑5, 1997.  Will author a paper in this symposium, "Riders on the Eurasian Steppe:  Saka Settlement Nodes Along the Northern Littoral of the Tien Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan."


Allen Huszti

*      Sang a voice recital at Sweet Briar College on March 17, 1997.  The program included songs of Handel, Rorem, Schubert and four songs from The AIDS Quilt Songbook.

*      Sang the role of Jesus in BachÕs Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ According to St. Mathew at Rivermont Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg on Sunday, March 23.  The performance was accompanied by a full orchestra.


Marcia Robertson

*      Presented a paper entitled "Where is the Tramp in this Picture?:  Ordinary Lives in Sarah Orne Jewett" at the Nineteenth Century Studies Conference, Davidson, NC, April 20‑22.


May 1997

Claudia Chang

*      Will publish, with Perry A. Tourtellotte, The Role of Agro-pastoralism in the Evolution of Steppe Culture in the Semirecye Area of Southeastern Kazakhstan during the Saka/Wuxun Period (600 BCE to 400 CE), in The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age People of Eastern Central Asia, edited by Victor H. Mair.  The Institute of Man, Publishers (1997)..  This is one of 47 international contributions.


Jennifer Crispen

*      Presented three sessions of a workshop on Fechten at the Virginia Organization of German Students VOGS Tagung:  Das Mittelalter at E. C. Glass High School on April 12, 1997.  Demonstrators included Heather Plank Õ96 and Cynthia Bumgardner Õ98.  Holly Wilmeth Õ00 provided translation.


Paul Cronin

*      Served as Consultant in Riding to the Madrera School, Madrera, VA in August 1996

*      Was elected to a second term, Board of Directors, Southwest Virginia Hunter Jumper Association, 9/96-9/98.

*      Attended a Sport Psychology workshop for Riders at Hollins, College, VA 9/29/96.

*      Participated in an Equine Sports Medicine Seminar at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania 10/17/96.

*      Served as Consultant in Riding to the Chatham Hall School, Chatham, VA l/197.

*      Was awarded Outstanding Educator by the Virginia Horse Council 1/97.

*      Was appointed to the Board of the Virginia Horse Center Foundation 4/2/97.

*      Attended a Sports Psychology Seminar at Amherst College, Massachusetts 5/2-3/97.


Debbie Durham

*      Expanded and revised a paper, "Civil Lives:  Debated Leadership and Accomplishment in Botswana" to be included in a volume tentatively titled Civil Society and the Public Sphere in Postcolonial Africa, ed. John and Jean Comaroff.

*      Wrote a paper, "Convening with Death:  Recapturing Dispersed Lives and Identifying Moral Communities in Botswana," for a panel on "The Moral Force of Death in Africa and the Diaspora" at the American Anthropological Association annual meeting in San Francisco, CA November 22, 1996.

*      Wrote a paper, "Stolen Aspirations:  Consecrating Ventures and the Failure of Enchantment for a Botswana General Dealer," for the 13th annual Satterthwaite Colloquium (on African Religion and Ritual; Satterthwaite, England) Aril 19-22, 1997.

*      Agreed to present a paper, "The Bureaucratic Method:  Disciplinary Signs and Displacing Modernity in Southern Africa, "for a panel on "Putting Modernity in its Places:  The Practice of Modernity in its Local Context" for AAA Annual Meetings, November 1997.


John Goulde

*      Had a live radio interview with Public Radio WEVO-FM, Concord, NH on The Historical Roots of American Christmas Gift-Giving on December 24, 1996.

*      Presented Traditional Asian Views of the Environment:  Contributions to an Environmental Spirituality, St. PaulÕs Episcopal Church, Lynchburg February 23, 1997

*      Interview with the Vancouver Sun on Sikh legal attempts to block a motorcycle helmet law in British Columbia on March 24, 1997.

*      Seminar presentation on The Korean Tinderbox:  The Two Koreas in US Asian Security Affairs at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC March 27, 1997.


Elna Green

*      Gave a paper, entitled "Poorhouse Babies:  The Almshouse as Maternity Home in Richmond, VA at the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, January 1997.

*      Will give a paper entitled "Infanticide and Infant Abandonment in the New South," at the 3rd Carleton Conference on the History of the Family, in Ottawa in May.

*      Will serve as commentator on a session of the Fourth Southern Conference on WomenÕs History, meeting in Charleston in June.  The session is entitled "Benevolent Black Women and Community Reform."

*      Will serve on the 1996 Taylor Prize Committee of the Southern Association of WomenÕs Historians, which awards an annual prize for the best article in southern womenÕs history.

*      Published an article entitled, "ÕNew Women,Õ Ō True Daughters,Õ and ŌMad WomenÕ:  The Literature on the Woman Suffrage Movement in the South,: in Atlanta History XL (Fall-Winter 1996-97).  This was a special issue on southern womenÕs history.

*      Published her book, Southern Strategies:  Southern Women and the Woman Suffrage Question (University of North Carolina Press, 1997).


Alix Ingber

*      Delivered a paper entitled "Literature in Cyberspace:  the Literary Future of the Internet" at the 1997 annual conference of the North East Modern Language Association in Philadelphia, PA on April 5, 1997


Ella  and Mark Magruder

*      Performed at Averett College in Danville, VA in a full length evening concert of their work on March 4, 1997.

*      Performed three lecture/demonstrations and performances for the Bluemont Concert Series in Leesburg, VA on March 26, 1977.

*      Performed MarkÕs choreography, the dance Symbiosis, in the faculty concert at the Mid Atlantic American College Dance Festival held at Hollins College February 26-March 2, 1997.  They were featured on Channel 10 WSLS News performing their work.  In addition, Mark delivered a lecture on "Ice Age Art and Images of Dance," taught a workshop in intermediate modern dance and presented his choreography, Wild Heard, which was performed by 12 Sweet Briar College student dancers.


Barbara Perry

*      Delivered a paper in March entitled "A ŌRepresentativeÕ Supreme Court?  The Thomas, Ginsburg and Breyer Appointments" at a conference held at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Onati, Spain.

*      Selected for the Program Committee for the 1998 national meeting of the American Political Science Association, Constitutional law and Jurisprudence Section.

*      Named a reviewer and author for the Encyclopedia Americana, published by Grolier Encyclopedia, for the constitutional law entries.


Ed Schwarzschild

*      Gave a talk on "Charles Willson Peale and his Dream of a National Museum" to the Colonial Dames of Lynchburg, March 1997

*      Chaired a panel entitled "Focusing on Everyday Life: Photography and AmericaÕs Other Ordinary Culture" and presented a paper entitled "Innocent Othering:  James AgeeÕs Photographic Vision" at the annual meeting of the Mid-America American Studies Association in Minneapolis, MN April 1997.