Faculty Activities



May 2006


Cathy Gutierrez


"Perfecting the Past: Esotericism in the American Renaissance," Hidden Histories:

            Eros, Spirit, and Freedom, the Dugan Lectures, Rice University, TX, 2005.

 "Deadly Dates: Bodies and Sex in Spiritualist Heavens," Hidden Intercourse: Sexuality in Western Esotericism, Esalen Institute, CA, 2005.


Co-editor, with Hillel Schwartz, The End that Does:  Art, Science, and Millennial

Accomplishment, volume in the series "Millennialism and Society," Brenda Brasher, executive editor, Equinox Books, London, 2006.

Editor, The Occult in Nineteenth-Century America,

The Davies Group, 2006.

"Sex in the City if God: Free Love at the American Millennium," in Religion and American Culture:  A

      Journal of Interpretation 15:2 (2005) 187-208.

Co-authored, with Eric Casey, "From Eleusis to America:  Masonry and the Modern Mysteries,"

in The Occult in Nineteenth-Century America, Davies Group: 2006, 214-244. 

"The Elusive Isis:  Theosophy in the Mirror of Millennialism," in The End that Does:  Art,

Science, and Millennial Accomplishment, Hillel Schwartz and Cathy Gutierrez, eds.,

Equinox Press, 2006, 115-133.

"The Millennium and Narrative Closure," in War in Heaven/Heaven on Earth, Stephen D.

O'Leary and Glen McGhee, eds., Equinox Press: 2005, 46-58.

Rebecca Massie Lane presented "Just Say Yes or No: Implementing an effective acquisition process" in the Ciollections Management Rountable at Virginia Association of Museums in Roanoke, Monday, March 27.


Barbara Perry

Has accepted a Senior Fellowship at the University of Louisville's McConnell
Center for 2006-07;

Participated on a panel at the Yale University Law School on women Supreme Court

Served as an interviewer for the McConnell Scholarship at the University of

 Raina Robeva


    Invited Talks

o    Biomathematics and Why We Should Teach it to Undergraduates. Presented at the Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology Seminar, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, January 26, Virginia Tech, VA.

o    Accepting Biomathematics: The Questions, the Dilemmas, and the Challenges. Presented at the Seminar for Application of Mathematics, University of Virginia, February 28, Charlottesville, VA.

o    On Gaussian Random Fields, the Markov Property, and Spectral Synthesis in Function Spaces. To be presented at the Mathematics Colloquium, Illinois State University, April 13, IL.


    Appointed Mathematics Editor-in-Chief for the Biological ESTEEM project, sponsored by the NSF and the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium http://bioquest.org/esteem/index.php


    External evaluator for a ten-year review and self-study of the Department of Mathematical Science, Susquehanna University, PA. March 12-14.


Represented Virginia at the Southern Coalition Conference on Civic Education in


April 2006


Rebecca Ambers
*      Rebecca Ambers has had two papers published recently:
*      Ambers, Rebecca K. R. (2005) "The value of reservoir-bottom field trips for undergraduate geology courses." Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 53, p. 508-512.
*      Ambers, Rebecca K. R., Druckenbrod, Daniel L., and Ambers, Clifford P. (2006) "Geomorphic response to historical agriculture at Monument Hill in the Blue Ridge foothills of central Virginia." Catena v. 65, p. 49-60.
*      She has also been awarded a 1-year renewal of her grant from the Jeffress Memorial Trust, entitled "The Influence of Clay Mineralogy and Mineral Cements on Stream Channel Erodibility."


Tracy Hamilton

Received NEH Summer Stipend.  The award will allow her to undertake research in Paris so that she can complete the final draft of her book, entitled The Artistic Patronage of Queen Marie de Brabant (1260-1321).

Marie-Thrse Killiam
Marie-Thrse Killiam's article on Baudrillard's nuclear museum and the end of culture will be published in Volume 3, March 2006 of the review Kritikos.


Lynn Rainville

*      Published an article in Reviews of Anthropology titled "People without History: Recent Archaeological Contributions to our Understanding of Ancient Near Eastern History"

*      Gave three lectures in the Midwest as part of the national Archaeological Institute of America lecture series, speaking on Ancient Assyrian Urbanism

*      Gave a talk at a retirement home in Charlottesville, VA on "Hidden History: Gravestone Variability in Historic African American Cemeteries" 

*      Interviewed for the local NPR station (WMRA) on saving historic cemeteries

*      Served on a panel for the American Association of State Colleges & Universities (AASCU) to discuss NEH grant writing


March 2006

Lisa Johnston

Appointed to the Sophie Brody Medal Award Committee. The committee's charge is to administer an award to the U.S. author of the most distinguished contribution to Jewish literature (fiction and/or non fiction) for adults published in the U.S. in the preceding year. This committee awarded its first medal at the 2006 American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Barbara Perry

*      Delivered a lecture to 250 audience members and signed books at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta for its Smithsonian Exhibit, "First Ladies: Political Role, Public Image,"


Rob Granger

*      An unusual polymeric Palladium (I) di-2-pyridyl ketone complex: Synthesis, X-ray structure, and preliminary CO_2 reduction catalysis studies. Robert Granger, Emma Kate Payne, Nicole Crowder. /Manuscript in Preparation /*(2006

*      "Homogeneous Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO_2 with the compound Tetrachloro(di-2-pyridylketone)platinum(IV); [Pt(dpk)Cl_4 ]." McCauley, D. L.; Caruso, M. M.; Ciric A.; Conley B. L.; Crowder K. N.; Webb, B. C.; James N. Demas J. N.; Karl D. Sienerth K. D.; Granger*, R. M. /J. Am. Chem. Soc./ Submitted 02/02/*2006*.

*      Analysis of the Micronutrients Copper and Zinc in a Commercial Orchard and Vineyard by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: A Modern AAS Laboratory Exercise. Kathleen M. Wilson and Dr. Robert M. Granger, II*. /Chem. Ed. /*2006 */11/(1)*, *38-40.

*      Synthesis and X-ray structure of a /bis/-(di-2-pyridylketone) platinum(IV) compound; Pt(dpk-O-OH)_2 [PF_6 ]_2. Robert M. Granger, II^ ; Ana Ciric*; Katherine N. Crowder* and Phillip E. Fanwick^ . . /Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research/ *2005*, 1, 239.


February 2006


John Beck


The official information is:


Tsai, T-H.; Heimbegner, J.L.; Beck, J.J.; Turner, J.E. Herbal extracts from Cortex moutan exhibit antioxidant potential, inhibit cell-induced apoptosis, and possess antimicrobial activities. J. Undergrad. Chem. Res. 2006, 5, (1), 33-40.


Pam Deweese

*      DeWeese, Pamela,  "Luis Goytisolo" . Dictionary of Literary Biography, V. 322: Twentieth Century Spanish Fiction Writers. Eds. Marta E. Altisent, Cristina Martnez Carazo. New York: Bruccoli Clark Layman Press: 122-131.


Deborah Durham



Papers presented:

*      "Why Villages Matter in Africa." Presentation to Symposium on New Perspectives in Anthropology, Harper's Ferry, VA, 5 December 2005.

*      "Youth and Citizenship in Botswana." Session on the body politic in Botswana, organized by Judith van Allen, African Studies Association annual meetings, Washington DC, 18 November 2005.

*      "Apathy and Agency." For panel on "Rethinking Agency" organized by Deborah Durham and Jennifer Cole, at the American Ethnological Association annual meeting in San Diego, April 7-10, 2005.


Rebecca Massie Lane

*      Presented "Internships From Both Sides of Academe" as a member of the conference panel, "The Two Faces of Academic Museums: Addressing Diverse Audiences" at the Southeastern Museums Association Conference October 6, 2005

*      Served as a grant reviewer for the Museums for America grant competition of the Institute of Museum Services, a federal agency, Washington, DC, January 2006.

*      Attended Arts Advocacy Day in Richmond, Virginia on January 25.



December 2005

John Beck

*      Served as a reviewer of "Development of Cathepsin D Inhibitors with New Hydroxyethyl Cyclic Tertiary Amines" by McConnell, R. M.; Trana, C. J.; et al. for the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research.

*      Chou, S-C.; Everngam, M. E.; Sturtz, G.; Beck, J. J. Antibacterial Activity of Components from Lomatium californicum. Phytother. Res. Oct 2005 (accepted without revisions)

*      Chou, S-C.; Mercier, J. E.; Wilson, K. A; Beck, J. J. Complete Proton and Carbon Assignment of (+)-Catechin via One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Analysis. Chem. Educ. Oct 2005

*      Also, he has been invited to present a talk on his research entitled "Natural Products Chemistry at Sweet Briar College" at the University of California, Riverside two-day Symposium in celebration of their brand new Chemistry Building Grand Opening December 3rd.


The Center for Civic Renewal

*      Kris Ogden and Steve Bragaw attended the Center for Civic Education Project Citizen Coordinator's conference in Dallas, Texas October 6-10.

*      VALREC hosted an exhibit table at the 41st annual Virginia Social Studies Educators Conference at Hotel Roanoke on November 4.  Information on law-related education programs was provided to teachers from all Virginia regions.

*      Committed to planning and directing the 2nd annual Center for Civic Education Teachers Institute for Advanced Civic Studies in July 2006.

*      Attended a presentation by Virginia Tech students in Blacksburg detailing a recommendation for the implementation of the Project Citizen curriculum in the local public school district.  VALREC provided information and consultation that formed the basis for the presentation.

*      Barbara Perry accepted an appointment by Virginia Chief Justice Leroy Hassell to the Education Task Force for the Commission on Virginia Courts in the 21st Century.  CCR will be hosting two of the task force meetings at the Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center in January and February.

*      Barbara Perry's Constitutional Law students and CCR staff traveled to Washington D.C. on December 6 to hear oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court and meet Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

*      Planned an information session for students with representatives from the University of Virginia's Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership that will be held on December 8.

*      Barbara Perry was named to the Constitution Day Subcommittee of the American Bar Association's Public Education Division's Advisory Committee.


Barbara Perry

*      Delivered two lectures at the University of Louisville ("Three Men and a Wall: How Jefferson, Black, and Blackmun Supported Freedom of Religion" and "What's Up with Harriet Miers? Supreme Court Appointments in American History");

*      Gave the Paul Schupf Endowed Lecture at Cazenovia College in New York ("Inside the Marble Palace:  The Ideologies and Personalities of the Supreme Court Justices");

*      Presented a paper at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Conference, Hofstra University ("Jackie and Hillary:  The Role of the First Lady in the Kennedy and Clinton Administrations");

*      Appeared on NPR's "Weekend Edition" and was quoted in two New York Times articles, as well as the Kansas City Star, Washington Times, Louisville Record, and Daily Tarheel;

*      Attended meetings of the Virginia Courts in the 21st Century;

*      Attended the American Bar Association's Public Education Division's Advisory Committee meeting and was named to the Constitution Day Subcommittee.



November 2005

*      Reappointed Vice President of Ius Primi Viri, a Rome based international human rights education association and Non-Governmental Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations; appointed IPV's representative at the New York Headquarters of the UN; represented the Association at Preparatory High Level Segment Roundtable Discussions on the Millenium Development Goals, at the UN in NY, March 16-17:  "Eradication of Poverty and Hunger", "Health and Mortality", and "Global Partnerships and Financing Development" sessions.

*      Peer reviewer, American Sociological Association anthology of course syllabi on drugs, alcohol, and society.

*      Editorial reviewer, proposal and manuscript for a new textbook on organizational behavior, labor markets, and work (Roxbury Press).

*      Research proposal reviewer for the National Science Foundation.

*      Edited English language manuscripts and publications, as Scientific Collaborator, Centro studi per l'Evoluzione Umana, an interdisciplinary think tank in Rome.

*      Invited plenary speaker at the International Conference of The Social Capital Foundation, an NGO in Belgium, convened in Malta, Sept. 20-23:  "Social Capital and Mental Health in Western Societies" and "Social Capital, Anomie, and Economic Efficiency"; chaired 3 paper sessions on Social Networks and on Civic Engagement as a member of the Foundation's Editorial Executive Board.


October 2005

John Beck

Kay Brimijoin


*      Differentiation and high stakes testing: an oxymoron? Theory into Practice 44(3), 254-261.

*      Kelley, C. & Brimijoin, K. (2005). The eyes of experience: An English unit on perspective and identify. In C. Tomlinson & C. Strickland (Eds.), Differentiation in practice (pp. 172-216). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


John Goulde

*      Completed Korean language translation of Lynchburg City School No Child Left Behind documentation, June 6. 2005.

Tim Loboschefski

*      Published (with Penberthy, Kalbfleisch, Quigg, Cox, Runyon, & Kovatchev - from UVA) "Encephalographic profiles of children with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A review of the literature."  Current Pediatric Reviews, 2, 1-17 (in press 2006).

Ella Magruder

*      On March 16-19, 2005 Ella Magruder and 5 Sweet Briar College dance majors attended the American College Dance Festival at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ella taught a lecture and workshop on alignment and injury prevention, titled How to Dance a Long Time.

*      Served as a featured master teacher for three-day conference at Temple University, Philadelphia, June 23-27, 2005 for the national conference of the USA chapter of dance and the Child international. She conducted master classes for participants and choreographed a site-specific work for public performance on the final day of the conference.

*      Taught two-week long workshop for gifted and talented students for the Augusta County Public Schools June 20-22, and June 27-July 1, 2005. Augusta's multidisciplinary arts program (dance, music, drama, visual art, and creative writing) focused on the planet earth, the solar system, and outer space.

*      Taught a yoga workshop for Pro Danza Italia/USA in Castiglioncello, Italy on July 12, 2005.

Mark Magruder

*      Invited to serve as a featured master teacher for three-day conference at Temple University, Philadelphia, June 23-27, 2005 for the national conference of the USA chapter of dance and the Child international. He conducted master classes for participants and choreographed a site-specific work for public performance on the final day of the conference.

*      In July, taught workshops in modern dance for Pro Danza Italia/USA in Castiglioncello, Italy. He performed his solo Hussar, and Beverly Blossom's solo Last Bow in Montescudaio, Italy on July 15th for an audience of 350 people and in Varaszlo, Hungary on July 21st.

*      August 8-11, 2005 taught dance classes for the two Amherst County show choirs, the Amerechoes and the Belles.

*      For the past year and a half has served as appointed member and volunteer facilitator for the Citizen's Advisory committee for the new Amherst County Comprehensive Plan.

Joe Malloy

*      Hosted the 4th Annual VIVA-ILL Forum for over 100 Interlibrary Loan Librarians at the Florence Elston Inn Conference Center, July 15, 2005.

*      Attended the VIVA Workshop on Electronic Resources at Radford University, August 2005.

*      Organized the 5th Annual Fiddle & Banjo Contests for the State Fair of Virginia, Richmond, VA, October 2005.

*      Performed (with Laura Pharis) in the Bramble & Rose String Band for the SBC Arts Day (April), the Chaplain's "Heroes Luncheon" (April), the 2005 Senior Class Wine and Cheese party at Rebec Vineyards (May); and for the Lexington Irish Culture Club (May).

Barbara Perry

*      Attended the Congressional Conference on Civic Education in Washington, DC and co-led, with Steve Bragaw, the Virginia Delegation.

*      Attended the first meeting of the Virginia Civics Commission in Richmond, on which she serves as an ex officio member.

*      Appointed by Virginia's Chief Justice Leroy Hassell, Sr., to the Task Force on the Public and the Courts of the "Virginia Courts in the 21st Century" Commission.

*      Named to the American Bar Association's subcommittee for the "Dialogue on Separation of Powers," part of the ABA's new Commission on Civic Education.

*      Spoke, with Steve Bragaw, at Washington, DC's Cosmos Club to SBC alumnae on "Can the Center Hold? The Supreme Court after Sandra Day O'Connor."

*      Spoke, with Steve Bragaw, at the SBC celebration of Constitution Day.

*      Appeared on WAMU's "Kojo Nnambi Show" (circuit courts), WVTF (John Roberts's appointment), KMOX (twice on Supreme Court appointments); and in the Kansas City Star (Supreme Court appointments).

Lynn Rainville

*      Article, "Archaeological Investigations at Ziyaret Tepe, 2003 and 2004," Anatolica 31: 20-68. (2005) . Co-edited with T. Matney.

The Center for Civic Renewal

*      Professors Perry and Bragaw accepted appointments to the Virginia Commission on Civics Education and attended the first meeting in Richmond on September 28, 2005.



September 2005


John Ashbrook


John Beck


For the journal Steroids


For the Journal of Natural Products

*      Book Review: Mechanisms in Organic Reactions


Papers written:

*      Complete Proton and Carbon Assignment of (+)-Catechin via One- and Two-Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Analysis: A Hands-on Learning Experiment for Upper-Division Undergraduate Chemistry Students. Chou, S-C.; Mercier, J. E.; Wilson, K. A.; Beck, J. J. Submitted to The Chemical Educator.

*      Antibacterial Activity of Components from Lomatium californicum. Chou, S-C.; Everngam, M. C.; Sturtz, G.; Beck, J. J. Submitted to Phytotherapy Research.

*      Herbal Extracts From Cortex moutanExhibit Antioxidant Potential, Inhibit Cell-Induced Apoptosis, and Possess Antimicrobial Activities. Tsai, Y-H.; Heimbegner, J. L.; Beck, J. J.; Turner, J. E. Submitted to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.



*      Isolation, Characterization, and Enhanced Antibacterial Activity of Components from Lomatium Californicum. Chou, S-C.; Everngam, M. C.; Beck, J. J. International Meeting of the American Society of Pharmacognosy, July 2005.


Steve Bragaw

*      "Shaded Media? The Strange New World of Electronic "'Citizen Media' and the Future of American Politics" presented as part of the UVA Center for Politics "How to close the Red/Blue Divide in American Politics" Spring Lecture Series at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, May 12, 2005.

*      "Sunday Morning Wake Up Call with Rick Moore" WNRN Radio (Charlottesville), featured guest discussing Virginia and national politics, May 29.

*      Graduate Fellowship Application reviewer, Jack Kent Cooke Memorial Foundation, Landsdowne, VA, June 15-17.

*      Interviewed for Lynchburg Channel 13 on Virginia primaries, June 14.

*      "Historical Trends in Civics Education" and "Project Citizen and the Virginia Civics SOLs" 90 min presentations delivered to the Virginia Department of Education annual Content Academy, JMU University, Harrisonburg, June 23.

*      "John Marshall and the Politics of Judicial Review" presentation delivered as part of a workshop at the Center for Civic Education's National Coordinator's Conference, Washington DC, June 26.

*      Co-directed with Barbara Perry "The Rivalry that Shaped America" Advanced Civics Institute, at the Colgate Darden Business School, UVA, July 17-22.

*      Grant reviewer for the Youth for Justice program, US Department of Justice OJJDP, August.

*      Manuscript reviewer, Law & Society Review, August.

*      "The Judicialization of Electoral Politics" Panel Chair, Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC, September 1.

*      "The Politics of Rights" Panel Discussant, Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC, September 1.


Kay Brimijoin

*      Published a book chapter in Differentiation in Practice: A Resource Guide for Differentiating Curriculum, Grades 9-12.


Celeste Delgado-Librero

*      Received a publication contract with MRTS for her edition and translation of "The Mirror" of James Roig: An Edition and an English Translation of MS. Vat. Lat. 4806.


Barbara Perry


Raina Robeva

*      Published (with B. Kovatchev, K. Penberthy, M. Breton, and D. Cox from UVA) a book chapter: Computational Strategies in the Evaluation of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In: Progress in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Research, pp. 155-187. NOVA Science Publishers, 2005.


Raina Robeva and Robin Davies

*      Organized and delivered (with E. Marland and H. Hirst, Appalachian State U., A. Weisstein, Truman State U., and T. Johnson, Beloit College) the workshop "Computational and Mathematical Biology", sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and the National Science Foundation, for faculty interested in creating and teaching courses in Mathematical Biology, July 31 – August 6, Harvey Mudd College, CA.


Raina Robeva and Tim Loboschefski

*      Published (with J. Penberthy, D. Cox, M. Breton, M. Kalbfleisch, and B. Kovatchev from UVA) the article "Calibration of ADHD Assessments Across Studies: A Meta-Analysis Tool."  Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Vol. 30, No. 1, 31-51.