Faculty Activities



May 2005

Steve Bragaw

*      Roundtable Participant, Author meets Critics:  "The Most Activist Supreme Court in History:  The Road to Modern Judicial Conservatism"  Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Oakland, CA March 18, 2005.

*      Panel Chair and Discussant, "Narratives of Decline and Fall in the Policy Arena" Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Oakland, CA March 18, 2005.

*      Program Committee, Section Chair for Politics and History, Western Political Science Association, 2005.

*      Spoke at Alumnae/Admissions event, San Francisco, CA March 17, 2005.

*      "We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution" State Finals Judge, Richmond, VA February 8, 2005.

*      "Thomas Jefferson and the American Indian Nations:  Native American Sovereignty and the Marshall Court" Leon Silverman Annual Lecture Series of the Supreme Court Historical Society, Washington, DC March 23, 2005.


Kay Brimijoin


*      Brimijoin, K. (accepted for publication). Differentiation and High Stakes Testing: An Oxymoron? Theory into Practice (The Ohio State University Press).

*      Brimijoin, K. & Kelley, C. The I’s of Experience: A High School Unit on the Poetry of the Two World Wars. In Tomlinson, C. & Edison, C. (in press). Differentiation in Practice: Grades 9-12. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


*       Brimijoin, K. (2005, April 12). Differentiation: Reaching Every Mind We Teach. Keynote Address to Virginia Governor's Schools Gifted Education Conference Exploring Current Issues in Secondary Gifted and Talented Programming, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA.

*       Brimijoin, K., Alouf, J., Brown, G., & Gould, H.  (2005, April 4). Partnerships for Improving Teaching and Learning: Linking Mentoring and Differentiation.  Differentiation Instruction: Making the Journey: Annual Conference of the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Orlando. FL.


Rob Granger

*      Recent Review:  Inorganic Materials Chemistry: Desk Reference 2nd ed._ by D. Sangeeta & John R. LaGraff.  Reviewed for publication in /CHOICE, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries/ *2005.*


Lynn Laufenberg

*      “Florence: The Legal Sources.” In Medieval Italy: A Documentary History. Ed. Frances Andres, Katherine Jansen, and Joanna Drell (U Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming 2006).

*      “Honor and Reputation in Medieval Europe.” In Women and Gender in Medieval Europe. Ed. Margaret Schaus, Susan Mosher Stuard, and Thomas Izbicki. Routledge Press, forthcoming 2007.

*      Elected to Executive Board, Virginia Social Science Association, Spring 2005-Spring 2006.

*      “Gender, Criminal Law, and Social Discipline in Commune and Contado: The Case of Late Medieval Florence.” Paper presented at the Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting (Miami, FL; April 2, 2005).

*      “Women and Criminal Law in Renaissance Florence.” Paper presented at Virginia Social Science Association Annual Meeting (University of Richmond; March 19, 2005).

*      “Criminal Prosecution in Early Renaissance Florence.” Paper presented at the Mid-Atlantic Renaissance/Reformation Society Annual Meeting (University of North Carolina, Greenville NC; March 5, 2005).

*      Commentator: “Al primo soffio di vento (At the First Breath of Wind),” directed by Franco Piavoli (Italy, 2002). 17th Annual Virginia Film Festival (Charlottesville VA; October 30, 2004).

*      Invited Lecture: “Regulating the ‘Indecent and Superfluous Ornaments of Women’: Sumptuary Law Enforcement in Late Medieval Florence.” University of Virginia Medievalist Lecture Series (University of Virginia; October 21, 2004).

*      “Renaissance Italy and the Birth of Criminal Law.” Talk for Sweet Briar College Honors Colloquium. October 6, 2004.

*      Participant, XII International Congress of Medieval Canon Law (Catholic University, Washington, DC; August 1-7, 2004.


David Orvos:

*      Judged the Central Virginia/Intel High School Science Fair at CVCC

*      Reviewed the "Guiding Student Research" manual for the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Science and Technology

*      Had a Roanoke Governor's School chemistry student conduct research in my laboratory over break

*      Had the manuscript "A Modified Box Trap Design for Sampling Emigrating Salmonid Smolts in a Low Discharge Stream" accepted for publication to the North American Journal of Fisheries Management

*      During spring semester served as a reviewer for the journals Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Water Research, and Environmental Management

*      Served as a grant reviewer for the U.S. Geological Survey

*      Continued to serve as an editor for the journal Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

*      Presented a poster about our beaver/Giardia research with Leah Reedy ('05) at the Mid-Atlantic Meeting of the Ecological


Barbara Perry

*      Delivered a lecture on free expression during wartime at the National Archives in Washington

*      Organized, moderated, and delivered a presentation for a Virginia Festival of the Book panel, "The East Wing:  First Ladies' Influence in the White House," which was broadcast on C-SPAN

*      Delivered lectures on Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier for the SBC Friends of the Library and the forum series at Westminster-Canterbury in Charlottesville

*      Presented a lecture for the Supreme Court Historical Society at the U.S. Supreme Court on Thomas Jefferson and freedom of religion

*      Received a nomination for the best book of nonfiction in 2005 from the Library of Virginia


Eleanor Salotto

*      Received book contract for Live Burials: Gothic Returns in Collins, Dickens, Zola, and Hitchcock.  To be published by Palgrave/Macmillan in January, 2006.

*      Presenting a paper entitled "Frankenstein and Dismembered Identity: Mary Shelley's Introduction to the 1831 Edition of Frankenstein" at the Monsters and Monstrous Conference in Budapest, Hungary, May, 2005.

*      Was asked to write the introduction to the Barnes and Noble Classics Edition of Emile's Zola's The Ladies' Paradise.



The Center for Civic Renewal

*      Successfully supported the Virginia Civics Education Commission legislation before the 2005 General Assembly.  Barbara Perry and Steve Bragaw were present for Governor Mark Warner's signing of the bill.  Barbara and Steve will serve on the Commission

*      Sponsored the SBC public lecture by General William K. Suter, Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court, and awarded him the second Center for Civic Renewal Public Service Medal

*      Dedicated the Henry J. Abraham Law and Civics Library in Gray

*      Co-sponsored the Abraham Distinguished Lecture by former Solicitor General Ted Olson at the University of Virginia School of Law

*      Received a $10,000 grant from the Tomlinson Fund

*      Awarded the Irene Mitchell Moore Scholarship in civic engagement to Michelle Badger

*      Awarded the Tomlinson Law-Related Internship to Mary Dance for service in the Virginia Attorney General's Office.


April 2005

Christian Carr

*      February 2005: Was invited speaker representing the arts at the annual "Women and Work" conference held at Hollins University and organized by the Consortium of Virginia Women's College and Universities

*      March 2005: Attended the annual conference of the Virginia Association of Museums in Portsmouth, VA; was invited panelist for the session "Big Ideas for Small Museums;" spoke on the successful development and implementation of Girl Scouts programming at the Sweet Briar Museum.


Eugene Gotwalt

*      Eastern Economics Association Convention, New York City, March 4-6, 2005:

Paper Presentation: On-line Message Boards in a Microeconomics Principles Class

Session Chair: Topics in Teaching Economics: Using Technology

Session Chair: Micro Perspectives on Public Economies

Session Chair and Discussant: Empirical Studies of Industries

Discussant: Session on Empirical Industrial Organization

Mentor: Five students who presented their research at the conference.

*      Virginia Association of Economists Convention, Richmond, VA March 10-11, 2005:

Discussant: Session on Selected Topics in Economics

Discussant: Session on Economics and Education

*      Invited Lecture: “Austrian Economics and a Theory of the Trade Cycle,” University of Mary Washington, March 29th, 2005.


Robert Granger

*      Recently submitted two papers to the Journal of Undergraduate

1.     Chemistry Research:  Analysis of the Micronutrients Copper and Zinc in a Commercial Orchard and Vineyard by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy:  A modern AAS laboratory exercise.e

Kathleen M. Wilson and Dr. Robert M. Granger, II*

Department of Chemistry, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA 24595

Funded by an NSF-CCLI grant: Award Number DUE-0126982 and a Sweet Briar College Faculty Grant In Aid of Research.

2.     A new cis-platin analog?  The Synthesis, characterization, selective cytotoxicity and DNA binding studies of Tetrachloro(1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione)platinum(IV); X-Ray structure analysis of Dichloro(1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione)platinum(II).

Robert M. Granger, II; Robin Daviesŗ; Kimberly Anne Wilson; Erica Kennedy; Brieanne Vogler, Yen Nguyen, Eric Mowles, Regan Blackwood, Ana Ciric, & Peter S. White*.


Allen Huszti

*      On Sunday, March 20, sang the lead role of the Bishop in the Mid-Atlantic premiere of Stephen Paulus's opera, THE THREE HERMITS.  The performance was at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg, VA


The Center for Civic Renewal staff is happy to report some of their activities during this semester. 

*       Produced two thousand Winter 2005 newsletters.  They were distributed to alumnae in law-related occupations, in government related occupations, those who majored in Government or International Affairs, and alumnae with a law degree, Sweet Briar College faculty and staff, VALREC Advisory Board, and many Virginia law-related education and social studies teachers.  Copies have also been made available to Admissions, Development, College Relations, and the Alumnae Office. 

*       Continual updating of the CCR and VALREC websites.  A listing has been posted, linking Virginia SOLS to law-related education at www.lrevirginia.org.  This will serve as a tool for Virginia educators.

*       Contacted legislators and constituents during the successful progression of HB1769 for the 2005 Virginia General Assembly session.  This bill creates the Virginia Commission on Civics Education and will include Professors Perry (ex-officio) as Executive Director of VALREC and Bragaw as State Coordinator for Project Citizen.

*       Contacted all Congressional Representatives from Virginia in support of continued funding for the Civic Education Program (ESEA II, Part C-3).

*       Mailed letters to 29 Project Citizen material recipients to initiate contact and plan events highlighting projects completed by participants. 

*       Produced and mailed invitations for the seventh Abraham Lecture, co-sponsored with the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression.  The speaker will be Ted Olson, former U.S. Solicitor General, and the event will be held on Friday, April 8 at 5:00 p.m. at the University of Virginia Law School’s Caplin Auditorium. 

*       Invites the campus community to a public lecture by General William Suter, Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court, on “The Supreme Court Today” at 8:00 p.m., April 14, Boxwood Room, Florence Elston Conference Center.  General Suter will receive the second CCR Public Service Medal.

*       Led a group of eight Sweet Briar students to the United States Supreme Court to hear Professor Steve Bragaw’s lecture there and meet with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

*       Invites the campus community to the dedication of the Henry J. Abraham Law and Civics Library to be held at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 15, 2005.  A reception will follow.

*       Participate in monthly meetings with College Relations to provide information on planned events and ascertain ways CCR can be helpful in promoting/participating in other events including community outreach..


As planning for the 2005-2006 academic year begins, CCR welcomes ideas and suggestions for programming that would be informative and beneficial to the community, keeping in mind that CCR is a non-partisan entity whose mission is to foster the habits of effective citizen engagement by promoting understanding of American civic society, especially democratic procedures, the rule of law and civic obligations under our Constitution. 


One suggestion that CCR is currently investigating is the possibility of hosting a debate between the House of Delegate candidates for the district in which Sweet Briar resides.  If there are any faculty who have information on or associations with either Delegate Ben Cline (R) or his opponent (to date, unannounced) please let us know. 



March 2005

Rob Alexander

*      Refereed Publication:  Lindsey, P. A., Alexander, R. R., du Toit, J. T. & Mills, M. G. L. ‘The Potential Contribution of Ecotourism to African Wild Dog Lycaon pictus Conservation in South Africa.’  Biological Conservation, 123(3), 2005.


Professional Presentations

*      Doole, Graeme J. (presenting) and Robert R. Alexander. The Importance of User Cost in the Optimal Management of Multiple-Cohort Fish Populations. Contributed paper presented at the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, February 2005.

*      Doole, Graeme J. and Robert R. Alexander (presenting). Sustainable management of the New Zealand longfin eel (Anguilla dieffenbachii) fishery. Contributed paper presented at the 2004 World Conference on Natural Resource Modelling, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,


John Beck

*      March 3 Invited Book Review for Journal of Natural Products  Capsicum. The Genus Capsicum. Edited by Amit Krishna De (Indian Science Congress Association, Calcutta). Taylor & Francis, London. 2003. xix + 275 pp. 7 x 10 in. $129.95. ISBN 0-415-29991-8.

*      Performed a professional review of a paper submitted to the journal Tetrahedron for work on ligustilide dimers.


Brian Cusato

Recent co-authored papers accepted for publication:

*      Melissa Burns-Cusato, Brian Cusato, & Alan Daniel (in press). A new model for sexual conditioning: The ring dove. Journal of Comparative Psychology.

*      Michael Domjan, Brian Cusato, & Mark Krause (2004). Learning with arbitrary versus ecological conditioned stimuli: Evidence from sexual conditioning . Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 11, 232-246.


Recent presentations with student co-authors:

*      Leah Davis, & Brian Cusato (2004). Can Pavlovian Conditioning Overcome the Negative Effects of Stress? Fertility Effects in Female Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica). Paper presented at the Conference of the Southwestern Comparative Psychological Association. San Antonio, TX.

*      Mindy Wolfrom, Kelly Gibbons & Brian Cusato (2004). Contextual Conditioning of Fertility in Male and Female Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica). Paper presented at the Conference of the Southwestern Comparative Psychological Association. San Antonio, TX.  *** Awarded First Place in Student Research Competition ***

*      Stephanie Gleason, Melissa Burns-Cusato, & Brian Cusato (2004). Conditioned Place Preference in Ring Neck Dove. Poster presented at the Conference of the Southwestern Comparative Psychological Association. San Antonio, TX.


Paper to-be presented with student co-authors:

*      Ashley Jones, Dawn Martin, & Brian Cusato (2005). Sexual Conditioning of Male and Female Japanese Quail Using an Auditory CS. Paper to-be presented at the Conference of the Southwestern Comparative Psychological Association. Memphis, TN.


Recently Submitted Grants:

*      National Institutes of Health (December 15, 2004): “The Facilitating Effects of Sexual Conditioning on Fertility”

*      National Science Foundation (January 12, 2005): “The Effects of Sexual Conditioning on Reproductive Behavior and Fertility”

*      National Institutes of Health (January 25, 2005): “Pavlovian Conditioning of Sexual Behavior and Fertility”


Deborah Durham

*      Served as an evaluator for the SSRC IDRF (International Dissertation Research Fellowships) competition, again.

*      Invited lecture: “What Herero Owe the Germans.” Rosenfield Program in Public Affairs, International Relations and Human Rights, Grinnell College, 9 February 2005.

*      Invited lecture: “The Bathed Public: Bathing and Liberalism in Botswana.” University of Virginia Department of Anthropology, 11 February 2005.


Jonathan Green

*      Moderated a Panel with Melinda O'Neal (Dartmouth), Ann Howard Jones (Boston University), and Peter Bagley (University of Connecticut) entitled  “Choral and Instrumental Music: Is the Divide Really So Wide?” at the Conference of the Conductors Guild, Boston

*      Presented a symposium, “Songs for a New Found Land: Music in the United States,” at the Vero Beach Museum of Art

*      Presented a paper, co-authored by Thomas Erdmann (Elon University), “Aaron Copland’s Emblems: An Analysis for Performance,” at the College Band Directors National Association annual conference in New York

*      Judged the South-Eastern Regional competition for Inter-Collegiate College a Cappella at Virginia Tech

*      Completed a setting of the "Venite" for SATB choir and a choral cycle of seven pieces for women's choir and piano, "L'histoire d'amour."


Scott Hyman

*      2005:  Letter to Nature, in press, "A powerful, bursting transient radio source toward the Galactic Center" Hyman, S.D., et al.

*      2004:  Publication in The Astronomical Journal, vol. 128, "High-Resolution, wide-field imaging of the Galactic center region at 330 MHz" Nord, Lazio, Kassim, Hyman, LaRosa, Brogan, and Duric.

*      2003:  Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation Engineering Implementation Grant, $419,000

*      2003:  Invited Talk, American Astronomical Society meeting, January 6-10, 2003, Seattle, WA, “A Decade of Successful Research with Students at a Liberal Arts College” Hyman, S.D., Denn, G.R., & Yochum, H.M.

*      2002:  Conference Proceedings, Astron. Nachr., Special Supplement "The central 300 parsecs of the Milky Way", “A Search for Radio Transients at 0.33 GHz in the GC”  Hyman, S.D, et al.

*      2002:  Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation Engineering Planning Grant, $100,000

*      2001:  “Low-Frequency Radio Transients in the Galactic Center” Hyman, S.D., Lazio, T.J.W.,  Kassim, N.E., and Bartleson, A.L. The Astronomical Journal, 123, 1497, 2002.

*      Jeffress Memorial Trust: funding for Summer 2001-2003 for research on the Galactic Center.  $28,000.  Principal Investigator.

*      Research Corporation: funding for Summers 2001-2003 for research on the Galactic Center.  $19,342.   Principal Investigator.


Debbie Kasper

*      “The Evolution (or Devolution) of Privacy,”  paper published in academic journal,  Sociological Forum, March 2005.

*      Will be presenting a paper, “Privacy as a Social Good,” at the Eastern Sociological Society’s annual meeting, March 2005 in Washington D.C.

*      Invited to moderate a paper session at ESS, March 2005 in Washington D.C.


Rebecca Massie Lane

*      Will serve as a grant reviewer for the Museums for America program of Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 609, Washington, DC 20506


Hank Yochum

*      Paper accepted: “Implementing a Standards Based Science by Inquiry Curriculum for Elementary School Teachers”, J. Granger and H. Yochum, accepted for publication, The Journal of Chemical Education, 2004
*      Grant awarded:  ($10,000), Optical Spectroscopy of Point Defects in YVO4, December 2004 from Thomas F. Jeffress and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust.

*      Conference presentations:  2 Accepted abstracts for 2005 March Meeting of American Physical Society:

Time-Resolved Transient Absorption Spectroscopy and Luminescence in Undoped YVO4, H.M. Yochum, L. Grigorjeva, D. Millers, V. Pankratov, M.C.S. Yochum, and K.T. Stevens

Time-Resolved Photoluminescence of Undoped and Bismuth Doped CdWO4, J.A. Kotonias (SBC physics major), H.M. Yochum

*      Elected Physics and Astronomy Division Councilor for Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

*       Gave informal talk at Department of Physics, Wake Forest University: Becoming a Professor at a Small College (October 2004)



February 2005

John Beck


Kay Brimijoin


Tomlinson, C., Brighton, C., Hertberg, H., Callahan, C., Moon, T., Brimijoin, K., Conover, L., & Reynolds, T. (2003). Differentiating instruction in response to student readiness, interest, and learning profile in academically diverse classrooms: A review of literature. Journal for the Education of the Gifted: 27(2/3), pp. 119-145.


Book Reviews:

Review of the manuscript Tomlinson, C. & McTighe, J. (2004) Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction: Two Models for Student Success. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.



Holly Gould





Grants Received:

Conferences Attended:


Robert Granger


Ronald Horwege

      AATG-ACTFL Meeting in Chicago:  Participant in annual meeting of the Chapter Presidents Council and Participant (1st Vice President of the Society) in the Annual business meeting of Delta Phi Alpha (German Honor Society)

      UVA 2005 Spring Workshop for German Teachers (February, 2005) Organizers and Presider


Ella Magruder


Mark Magruder


Barbara Perry



December 2004

Steve Bragaw

*      "From the Cherokee Cases to Employment Division v. Smith:  The Rise to Supremacy of the Court of the Conqueror."  Paper delivered to the Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Portland Oregon, March 11, 2004

*      "The Supreme Court and Legal Change."  Panel discussant, Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Portland Oregon, March 11, 2004

*      "Comparative Aboriginal Constitutionalism:  New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States." Paper and panel on comparative constitutional law issues in Australia, Canada, and the U.S. accepted for the Annual Meeting of the International Political Science Association, Honolulu Hawaii (March 2005---Issued an invitation in June which had to be subsequently declined).

*      "John Marshall and the Origins of Judicial Review." Presentation made at the Center for Civic Education We the People:  The Citizen and the Constitution Program Conference, Washington D.C., June 20, 2004.

*      "What if Plessy and Lochner were never overturned?  Understanding the continuing legacy of Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock to American Indian Law." Paper presented to the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, September 2, 2004.

*      "Institutional constraints on judicial behavior." Panel discussant, Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, September 3, 2004

*      Named to the 2005 Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting Conference Committee as Section Chair for the Politics and History division.

*      "Thomas Jefferson and the Supreme Court." Developed with Barbara Perry lecture series proposal accepted by the Supreme Court Historical Society as the Spring 2005 Series.

*      Application Evaluator, Jack Kent Cooke Fellowship (June 2004)

*      Judge, VFIC Ethics Bowl, "Ethics in Wartime" Judge (February 16, 2004)

*      Judge, We the People:  The Citizen and the Constitution High School program State Finals (February 10, 2004)

*      Prepared report: "The 2004 Central Virginia Community Needs Assessment Report:  A Collaborative Project between the United Way of Central Virginia and the Sweet Briar College Center for Civic Renewal" (Spring, 2004)

*      United States Supreme Court Fellowship, Finalist  (January, 21-23, 2004)

*      Attended the bi-annual meeting of the Public Education Division of the American Bar Association, Philadelphia, PA (January 15-18, 2004)

*      Attended the Center for Civic Education We the People Program Conference, Washington, D.C. (June 18-22, 2004)

*      Attended the Youth For Justice Consortium Annual State Law-Related Education Conference, Arlington, VA, (September 9-11, 2004)

*      Attended the Center for Civic Education Project Citizen Program Conference, St. Louis, Missouri (October 8-12, 2004)

*      Attended the Congressional Conference on Civic Education as co-chair of the Virginia Delegation, Washington, D.C. (December 4-7, 2004)

*      Met with the Portland Oregon SBC Alumnae Association chapter, (March 12, 2004).

*      Led the "The Rivalry that Shaped America" Alumnae College trip to Paris, France (May 19-27, 2004).

*      Media---was a guest on WLNI Talk Radio "The Morning Line"(Lynchburg) radio thirteen times in 2004 discussing the election and American politics (segments running between 20-90 minutes)

*      Media---was a guest on WNRN Radio "Sunday Conversation (Charlottesville, Lynchburg & Staunton) WNRN three times in 2004 discussing the election and American politics (1 hour segments)

*      Media---was interviewed on-camera by TV-13 ABC (Lynchburg) three times during spring and summer discussing state and national politics.


Pamela DeWeese

*      Pamela DeWeese was an invited guest speaker at the XII Annual International Symposium on Contemporary Hispanic Literature, November 24-26, where she gave a lecture on "La novela digresiva y la relaciónautor-lector."

*      Article publication: "La ironía: el arte de la interpretación," La ironía en la narrativa hispánica contemporánea: Actas, X Simposio International, Fundación Luis Goytisolo (2003): 33-42.


Deborah Durham

*      "Disappearing Youth: Youth as a Social Shifter in Botswana." American Ethnologist 31, 4 (2004): 589-605.

*      Book review of Creating Germans Abroad: Cultural Policies and National Identity in Namibia, by Daniel Joseph Walther, in Africa Today 51, 1 (2004):138-140.

*      Book review of Gillian Hart, Disabling Globalization: Places of Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa, in American Anthropologist 106, 4 (2004): 763-764.


Marge Freeman

*      At the 2004 annual conference of the CODI (Customers of Dynix, Inc.), she presented a paper entitled: Technical Services Workflow Re-examined.  She also gave the key-note address to the first-time attendees.

*      At the conference she was awarded the association's "Star Award" for contributions to the group and for participation in the development of the software products.  As part of the award the group has arranged that a real star be named: "Marge Freeman of LION".  The star is between Orion and Lepus. CODI is the North American users' group of the world's largest library software vendor.


Allen Huszti

*      Sang as baritone soloist in the Brahms', "A German Requiem," in Roanoke, Virginia on November 5. 

*      Conducted the Canticum Novum Choir and sang as baritone soloist in the Christmas concert of Cantate, the Children’s Choir of Central Virginia on December 5, at First Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg, VA.


Barbara Perry

*      Delivered lectures on her new Kennedy book at an SBC campaign event in Charlotte, to the Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization in Charlottesville, and at the SBC Book Shop.  

*      She also attended a meeting in Chicago of the American Bar Association's Public Education Division Advisory Commission, which named her to a subcommittee on the Division's strategic plan.  

*      Professor Perry published "Original Intent or Evolving Constitution? Two Competing Views on Interpretation" in the Fall 2004 issue of Insights on Law & Society. The University of Virginia's A & S Alumni Magazine profiled Perry's Kennedy book in its most recent edition.



November 2004

John Beck

Recent reviews completed for the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research:

*       Phytochemical studies on Psoralea corylifolia seeds; Isolation and evaluation of the free radical scavenging and antimicrobial properties of Bakuchiol.

*      Analysis of a peptide mimetic using molecular informatics.

*      October 28, 2004, gave a talk as an invited lecturer at a joint VMI/WLU seminar entitled: Extraction of Bioactive Components from Medicinal Herbs of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Eric Casey

*      "Binding Speeches: Giving Voice to Deadly Thoughts in Greek Epitaphs," article published in a new book of essays titled Free Speech in Classical Antiquity, edited by Ineke Sluiter and Ralph M. Rosen (Brill, 2004), pages 63-90.

*      Panel Organizer for 3 year Colloquium on "Roman Virtues and Vices" (2004-2006), held at the annual meeting of the American Philological Association

*      Invited seminar participant on Ancient Greek Divination, to occur at upcoming annual meeting of the American Philological Association


Jonathan Green

*      Recently composed Ars Vitae for orchestra and Color Songs, on texts of Molly Brown. Each was premiered on-campus earlier this semester.

*      Edited The Journal of the Conductors Guild, volume 25/3-4.

*      Conducted the Blue Ridge Chamber Orchestra Concert as part of Founders' Day Weekend, 24 September.

*      Presented pre-dinner lectures for campaign events in Norfolk, 30 September, and Charlotte, 4 November.

*      Attended the fall board meeting of the Conductors Guild in Chicago, 11-12 September.

*       Attended the Advisory Board meeting of JYF in New York, 9 October.

*      Chaired "The CAO Budget Workshop" at the National Institute for Independent College and University Chief Academic Officers and Chief Financial Officers in San Francisco, 30 October--2 November.


Joe Malloy

*      Organized the 4th Annual Fiddle & Banjo Contests at the State Fair of Virginia in Richmond, September 25th & 26th. The State Fair of Virginia is a not-for-profit organization whose proceeds go to scholarships for Virginia school children.


Angelo Metzidakis

*      Presented a paper entitled "Rébellion et révolution dans le Paris des 'Misérables' de Victor Hugo" at the 30th Annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium that was held at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri, on October 28-30, 2004.


David Orvos

*      Accepted on behalf of the College, a 'Tribute of Appreciation' from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Together with our partners, the County and Town of Amherst, Lynchburg College, and the R.E. Lee Soil and Water District, Sweet Briar was honored for its efforts in assessing and preserving sources of drinking water.  The awards were presented by Congressman Bob Goodlatte and EPA officials from Philadelphia.

*      Is conducting a review of a promotion package for a professor from Ball State University in Indiana.

*      Addressed the SBC Board on perceived issues regarding our lakes.  ES students will be investigating the ecological health of the lakes as well as the presence of E. coli in water and Giardia from multiple sources.  Preliminary data indicate a healthy southeastern lake.

*      Together with the campus community, welcomed E.O. Wilson to SBC.  My thanks to all who made this event an unqualified success!


October 2004

Debbie Durham
Bill Kershner


Sarah Lischer


Barbara Perry


September 2004


Missy Ackerman


Cameron Adams


James Alouf


Institutes and Conferences


Kay Brimijoin





Jon Conyers


Jennifer Crispen

Deborah Durham


Shelby French


Jason Gallaher


Rob Granger


Beth Huus

*      Spent seven weeks at Ohio University taking 17 credit hours towards her Masters degree in Coaching education; sport science and recreation.


Allen Huszti

*      Participated as a singer and as accompanist for a male choir which sang at the Daegu, South Korea, International Choir Festival (June 16 - 22).

*      Was official accompanist for the Alexander Technique Workshops at Sweet Briar College (July 6 - 18).

*      Was substitute organist and choir director at the First Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg (July 4 -August 9).

*      Was concert accompanist for the Suzuki Institute at Sweet Briar College (July 26 - 30).

*      Attended the 7th International Congress of Alexander Technique Teachers in Oxford, England (August 16 - 21).

*      Played a noonday recital at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg on September 1.


Alix Ingber

*      Published an article "The Recursive Quijote" in A Celebration of Brooklyn Hispanism, Hispanic Literature from Don Quijote to Today by Malva Filer, Dominick Finello and William Sherzer.


Marie Therese Killiam

*      Had a two week pedagogical workshop in Paris  and gave a paper on
Barthes', Baudrillard's, and Serres' Eiffel Tower at the International
Humanities Conference in Prato, Italy in July.


Rebecca Massie Lane


Joe Malloy


David Orvos

*      Completed the initial phase of the SBC Nature Center on the lake - it's open!  It is directed at the Sweet Briar and the Amherst communities.  The center contains various exhibits that will rotate.  We are open for any ideas, especially with regard to art, archeological exhibits, etc.  Feel free to distribute handout materials from the center.

*      Participated in biosolids meetings in Amherst and Campbell counties.  Briefed the Amherst County Board of Supervisors on the issue in July.

*      Reviewed manuscripts for the journals Reproductive Toxicology and Journal of Environmental Quality.  Continue to serve as editor for Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics.

*      Continued environmental investigation on the Buffalo River watershed over the summer with three students.


Barbara Perry


Dr. Perry would like to note that Sweet Briar College Center for Civic
Renewal and Law-Related Education Center were hired by the Administrative
Office of U.S. Courts to develop a curriculum for and conduct four teacher
institutes on the federal courts in 2004-2005 in Virginia and Maryland.


Raina Robeva

*      Published (with Loren Pitt, Department of Mathematics, University of Virginia) the paper Robeva, R.S., & Pitt, L.D. On the Equality of Sharp and Germ Sigma-fields for Gaussian Processes and Fields. Pliska Studia Mathematica, Vol. 16 (2004) 183-205. 


Paul Shaw

*      He spent his summer on the staff of a pro soccer team in Toronto, working his own camps and attaining an A License from US Soccer Federation (the highest coaching distinction offered by the USSF).

Shelly Taylor

*      Worked a number of camps and attended the NATA Convention.


Mimi Wroten

*      In February of 2004, Mimi Wroten received her promotion to Senior Judge for the United States Equestrian Federation.


* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Corresponding author to whom questions regarding synthesis, characterization, and DNA binding studies should be addressed:  Sweet Briar College Department of Chemistry, Sweet Briar, VA 24595; tel: 434-381-6403; fax: 434-381-6488; email: rgranger@sbc.edu.

ŗ Corresponding author to whom questions regarding cell culture studies should be addressed:  Sweet Briar College Department of Biology, Sweet Briar, VA 24595; tel: 434-381-6196; fax: 434-381-6488; email: davies@sbc.edu.

* Corresponding author to whom questions regarding X-ray structure of compound 1 should be addressed:  Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,  NC 27599