Faculty Activities


April 2004

Kay Brimijoin


Claudia Chang
Holly Gould


David Orvos


Barbara Perry


Raina Robeva and Tim Loboschefski

*       Published the paper:  Robeva, R., Penberthy J.K., Loboschefski, T., Cox, D & Kovatchev, B.K.  (2004) Combined Psycho-Physiological Model of ADHD: A Pilot study of Bayesian Probability Approach to ADHD Appraisal. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Vol. 29, No. 1, 1-18.


March 2004

Rebecca Ambers

Matthew Calarco

Books to appear in print in 2004:

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Jill Granger

*      On Monday March 8th, Jill Granger presented three hands-on teacher development workshops on inquiry-based teaching in science education at the Lynchburg City Public Schools' "Best Practices Conference".  


Rob Granger


Jonathan Green


Sarah Lischer

*      Was a guest speaker at a panel presentation on "Security in Humanitarian Crises," Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, Feb. 12, 2004.

*      "US Military Interventions and the Humanitarian "Force Multiplier" and "Teaching Humanitarian Crises in International Relations." Papers  presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association.  Montreal, Canada, March 17-20, 2004.


David Orvos



February 2004

John Beck

*      Performed a professional review of a paper submitted to the journal Tetrahedron for work on ligustilide dimers.


Claudia Chang

*      Gave three lectures on the Kazakh-American Talgar Archaeological Project as part of the Archaeological Institute of America Annual Lectures series in October 2003. These lectures were given at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, The Annenberg Auditorium at Stanford University, and at the Archaeology Facility at the University of California-Berkeley.

*      Gave a public lecture at the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute, "Digging the Eurasian Steppe: The Kazakh-American Archaeological Expedition 1994 to 2003" –February 27, 2004.


Jason Gallaher

*      His work was discussed in a recent article, "A 'Balanced' Approach" in Poolside, the newsletter of the College Swimming Coaches Association of America.


Eugene Gotwalt

*      Presented the paper, "The Relationship Between Tenure and Instructor Classroom Performance," at the Eastern Economic Association's annual conference in Washington, DC. At this conference he also chaired one session and served as a discussant for two others.


Rebecca Massie Lane


Cheryl Mares

*      Presented a paper entitled "Woolf and the American Imaginary" at the 13th International Virginia Woolf Conference, which was held at Smith College.  The paper was subsequently selected for inclusion in the refereed electronic publication Woolf in the Real World: Selected Papers from the Thirteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf, ed. Karen Kukil [(Bakersfield: California State University, 2004) http://www.csub.edu/woolf_center/publications].

*      Attended the Woolf sessions and the Irish Studies sessions at the MLA Convention and the four-day conference at UVA on "Re-imagining Ireland."

*      Participated in a week-long seminar on "Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland," which was held at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, followed by tours of Belfast, Derry, County Donegal, County Sligo, and Galway.

*      These experiences, combined with earlier work at the National Library in Dublin and a course on modern Irish literature at the UC-Berkeley Oxford Summer Program, have contributed to a proposed new course for Spring 2005 on modern and contemporary Irish literature and culture


Martha Elena Rojas

*      Published "Insults Unpunished: Barbary Natives, American Slavery, and the Negotiation of Liberty," in Early American Studies.



January 2004

Rob Alexander


*       Alexander, R. R. and D. W. Shields. 'Using Land as a Control Variable in Density-Dependent Bioeconomic Models.' Ecological Modelling, 170(2-3), 2003.

*       Fleming, C. M. and R. R. Alexander. 'Single Species Versus Multiple Species Models: The Economic Implications.' Ecological Modelling, 170(2-3), 2003.


John Goulde


Jill Granger


Rob Granger


Jonathan Green


Ron Horwege


Sarah Lischer



December 2003

Rob Alexander

*       CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) held a workshop in Geneva, Switzerland on Economic Incentives in Trade Policy and used a paper from his web site on 'The Role of Economics in Wildlife Conservation' as an introduction to the topic for the delegates.  This workshop was attended by some of the world's leading conservation biologists.


Steve Bragaw



Conference Activities




Kay Brimijoin




Book under contract:


Rob Granger


Sarah Lischer


Ella Magruder


Mark Magruder


Joe Malloy


Barbara Perry 



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Lynn Rainville




October 2003

John Goulde


Jonathan Green


Joe Malloy


Raina Robeva



September 2003

John Beck

*      A paper "Synthesis of Benzylidenephthalide Derivatives," was just accepted for publication in the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research.  The authors of the paper are:
Molly C. Everngam, Nausheena Baig, Jaime L. Heimbegner, Michelle L. Poore, and John J. Beck


Kay Brimijoin

*      Keynote Speaker, "Differentiating Instruction: Beginning the Journey", Special Education Conference, Burlington, Kentucky, June 12.

á      Coordinated and presented at a two-day Mentor Teacher Institute at Sweet Briar for 65 teachers and administrators from Amherst County Schools and faculty from the Education Department at Randolph-Macon Woman's College, June 17-18.

á      Keynote Speech, "Reaching the Minds We Teach: Translating Multiple Intelligences Theory into Best Practice",

following Dr. Howard Gardner at the Copenhaver Institute, Roanoke College, June 23.

Presented three sessions - "Differentiating Instruction: Beginning the Journey", "A Roadmap for Differentiating Professional Development", and "Instructional Strategies" – at the ASCD (Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development) National Conference on Differentiation, Chicago, Illinois, June 28-30.

Presented two sessions – "Using Contracts to Differentiate" and "Professional Development In Differentiation: Walking the Talk" – at the Summer Institute on Academic Diversity, University of Virginia, July 15-16.

Presented a two-day workshop for 30 teachers in Fayette County Schools, Fayetteville, Georgia, "Differentiating Instruction: Beginning the Journey", August 12-13.


Holly Gould

*      Attended week-long Multicultural Institute at the University of Virginia, June 16-20, 2003.

*      Presentations:
Gould, H.C. (2003, September). Differentiating Instruction: Low Prep Strategies, K-12. Granville School District, Granville, Ohio.

Gould, H.C. (2003, July). Instructional Strategies: Tiered Assignments.  University of Virginia's Summer Institute on Academic Diversity, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gould, H.C. (2003 July). Low-Prep Strategies for Differentiation. University of Virginia's Summer Institute on Academic Diversity, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gould, H.C. & Brimijoin, K. (2003, July). Learning Contracts for Grades K-6.  University of Virginia's Summer Institute on Academic Diversity, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gould, H.C. (2003, June). Differentiating for Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Diversity. Association for the Supervision of Curriculum Development Conference, Chicago, Illinois.


Rob Granger

*      Publications:  SYNTHESIS OF Pt(dpk)Cl4 AND THE REVERSIBLE HYDRATION TO Pt(dpk-O-OH)Cl3áH-phenCl; X-RAY, SPECTROSCOPIC, AND ELECTROCHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION.  Submitted to Inorganic Chemistry 18 September 2003.

Note!  Inorganic Chemistry is the Flagship publication in my field of chemistry

*      Presentations:  The following two talks have been accepted for presentation at the next regional meeting of the American Chemical Society:

o      A VIABLE HOMOGENEOUS CARBON DIOXIDE REDUCTION CATALYST: THE FORMATION OF COMPLEX MOLECULES USING CO2 AS THE CARBON SOURCE.  Ana Ciric; Nicole Crowder; Emma Kate Payne and Robert M. Granger, II.  South East Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society Atlanta Georgia.  Nov. 16-22 2003

o      ANALYSIS OF THE MICRONUTRIENTS COPPER AND ZINC IN A COMMERCIAL ORCHARD AND VINEYARD BY ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY.  Katherine Wilson and Robert M. Granger, II.  South East Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society Atlanta Georgia.  Nov. 16-22 2003.


*      Reviews:  The following two textbooks have been reviewed for CHOICE Current Reviews for Academic Libraries – a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries:

*      Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data CRC Press by Samuel H. Yalkowsky and Yan He.   Reviewed for publication in CHOICE, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries 2003.

*      Chemical Kinetics and Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms 2nd ed.;  Reviewed for publication in CHOICE, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries 2003.


Allen Huszti

*      Conducted the Canticum Novum Choir and was guest soloist in the Cantate Choir's Spring concert in Lynchburg (May 4).
*      Interim organist and choir director at First Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg for twelve weeks (May to August).
*      Substitute accompanist for the glee club and chapel organist at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg during May.
*      Served as organist and choir director for the Alumnae Reunion church service in May.
*      Was a guest vocal soloist for a violin recital in Lynchburg on May 18.
*      Attended an Alexander Technique Workshop at Seven Oaks (near Madison, Virginia) in June.
*      Served as organist for the Presbytery of the Blue Ridge meetings at Sweet Briar College on June 7.
*      Was the student recital accompanist and taught harpsichord, fortepiano and organ lessons at the Central Virginia Suzuki Institute July 20 to August 1.

Sarah Lischer

*      "Collateral Damage: Humanitarian Assistance as a Cause of Conflict," International Security, 28, 1, (Summer 2003).

*      Reviewed the book "Aiding Recovery? The Crisis of Aid in Chronic Political Emergencies" in Global Social Policy, 3, 2 (Summer 2003), 245-246.

*      Presented a paper on the panel "Terrorists, Criminals, and Aid Workers: The Role of Non-State Actors in International Security," at the Annual Meeting of  the American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA., Aug. 30, 2003.

*      "Political and Military Implications of U.S. Humanitarian Policy." Policy briefing given at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and  Research. Washington, D.C., May 14, 2003.


August 2003

Rosalia Ascari

*      Rosalia Ascari and Marie-Therese Killiam's book "America in Our World," is being considered by ƒditions Balland, Paris.


John Beck

*      Attended the 38th National Organic Symposium (NOS) held at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN, June 8th-12th where he presented the progress of his research group at a poster session.  The NOS is one of the premier meetings of professional organic chemists in the nation.  The poster he presented featured the work of four Sweet Briar Chemistry undergraduates (Nausheena Baig, Molly Everngam, Jaime Heimbegner, and Michelle Poore), in addition to his wife; all of whom were authored on the poster.


Jonathan Green

*      In June, he received a seventh consecutive Annual Standard Panel Award for music composition from ASCAP.
*      His "Specious Counterpoint" for violin and clarinet was commissioned for and premiered at a concert of American music at the Contemporary American Theater Festival at Shepherd College on 27 July.
Marie Therese Killiam
*      Rosalia Ascari and Marie-Therese Killiam's book "America in Our World," is being considered by ƒditions Balland, Paris.