Faculty Activities


May 2003

Linda Fink

*       Coauthored a paper at the April 2003 meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists meeting with three Sweet Briar students: Rachael Chilton '04, Christina Tannahill '04, Andrea Stassi '04, Linda Fink:  The effect of logging on the occurrence of an invasive exotic grass, Microstegium vimineum.  The research was conducted in General Ecology in Fall 2002, on Paul Mountain on campus.  Chilton and Tannahill attended the ASB meeting, and Chilton presented the talk.


John Goulde

*       Paper to be Presented: Globalized Korean Art: Korean Painting in an IT World, 2003 Korean Studies Conference, Institute of International Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C., May 23-25, 2003

*       Seminar to be Presented: " Buddhism in Korea", Japan Society Buddhism in East Asia Seminar, Japan Society, New York, N.Y. May 3, 2003

*       Paper Presented: U.S. Foreign Policy on North Korea, International Studies Program. Central Virginia Community College, Lynchburg, VA, April 23, 2003

*       Paper presented: The Myths and Models of Korean Christianity's Indigenization: The Encounter of Christianity and Korean Ethno-Nationalist Discourse, 2003 Conference of the Luce Foundation on Korean Christianity Program, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, April 25-26, 2003

*       Seminar Presented: " Buddhism In China", Japan Society Buddhism in East Asia Seminar, Japan Society, New York, N.Y. April 12, 2003

*       Seminar Presented: "Korean History and Heritage", North Carolina Teacher's Association: Teaching Asia Program, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, N.C., December 7, 2002

*       Panel Respondent: The Korean Transformation of Christianity and the Christian Transformation of Korea, Korean Religions Group, 2002 Annual Conference of the American Academy of Religion, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 23-26, 2002

*       Paper Presented: Confucian Theorists on Utopian Society, The Search for a Perfect Society: Korea and World History in the New York Schools Program, The Korea Society, New York, N.Y., November 1, 2002

*       Published Article: "Scholarly Women before Confucianization: The Case of Hwang Chin-I (1506-1544)", co-authored with Mark Peterson, in Pathways into Korean Language and Culture: Essays in Honor of Young-Key Kim Renaud,  Seoul: Pagijong Press, 2002


Jonathan Green

*       Judged a Fiestaval Choir Competition in Virginia Beach, April 25, 2003

*       Judged a Musicale Choir Competition in Williamsburg, VA April 26, 2003

*       Will judge the Raleigh Music Club solo string competition, May 5, 2003

*       His "Threnody" for oboe and string orchestra was premiered by the Champman University Chamber Orchestra, the final concert of their director of 32 years, John Koshak, April 25, 2003

*       Edited the forthcoming issue of "The Journal of the Conductors Guild." This journal had fallen two years behind its publication schedule. JG assumed editorship in 2001. With this issue, it has been brought up-to-date.


Ronald Horwege

*       Hosted a meeting of the executive committee of the Foreign Language Association of Virginia at Sweet Briar College in February.  He is a past president of this organization and is presently a member of the executive council.

*       Organized and presided over the German Teacher Annual Spring Workshop at the University of Virginia on March 29. The theme of the workshop was "Musik und Film im Deutschunterricht" (Using Music and Films in the Teaching of German). Approximately 50 Virginia German teachers participated in the conference.

*       Attended the annual convention of the Virginia Organization of German Students in Richmond in March and judged the forensics competition.

*       Presided over a meeting of the executive council of the Virginia Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German on April 26 at Randolph-Macon College. The committee made plans for activities for the coming academic year.

*       Worked with Professor William Macdonald (UVA) to plan a German student activity for the next academic year.

*       Traveled with members of the German Club to Hampden Sydney College for a "Grillfest" with German students and faculty from Longwood and Hampden Sydney.

*       Had a meeting with members of the Goethe Institut in Washington to make plans for the next German Teacher Immersion Weekend at Sweet Briar College.


Allen Huszti

*       Participated in an Alumnae tour to Prague and Vienna during Spring vacation.

*       Sang as bass soloist in a concert at First Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg on March 23.

*       Played an organ recital at Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Amherst on March 30.

*       Conducted the Canticum Novum Choir and sang as bass soloist in Danville on April 6.

*       Presented a masterclass and Alexander Technique workshop for voice and piano students At Randolph Macon Woman's College on April 8.

*       Sang as bass soloist in Dubois' "Seven Last Words," at Rivermont Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg on April 16.

*       Accompanied Gillian Long's Senior Violin Recital at SBC on April 27.


Rebecca Massie Lane

*       Profile of artist Joe Pendleton will be published as the lead story in Spring 2003 issue of Folk Art Messenger.

*       Selected as a grant reviewer for Institute of Museum Services, 2003 Learning Opportunities Grant Awards

*       Named to the board of the Northern Virginia Art Education Association


David Orvos


*       Have accepted the offer of editor for the journal Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics.  I currently serve as a reviewing editor.


*       Attended the 64th Annual Meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists in Washington, D.C., where I presented a paper on the ES program.  Two ES majors presented results of their investigations.  Sara Kemper and I presented "Effect of fluoxetine (Prozac) on Daphnia magna and Selenastrum capricornutum."  Rachael Chilton, along with biology major Christina Tannahill, ES major Andrea Stassi, and Professor Fink presented "The effect of logging on the occurrence of an invasive exotic grass, Microstegium vimineum."  My research group presented results at a total of three meetings this year in Utah, Baltimore, and D.C.


April 2003

John Beck

*      Received the 2003 VFIC Mednick Fellowship


Steve Bragaw

*      "Indian Reserved Water Rights: The Winters Doctrine in its Social and Legal Context, 1880s-1930s" by John Shurts.  Reviewed by Stephen Bragaw, Law and Politics Book Review, Vol. 13 No. 4 (April, 2003) (forthcoming).

*      Perry & Bragaw, "Teaching and Learning for Civic Engagement:  The Sweet Briar College Experience."  Focus on Law Studies: Teaching About Law in the Liberal Arts 18:11-13 (Fall 2002).

*      Bragaw & Perry, "Bush v. Gore and the Rehnquist Court's Vision of the Equality Principle and Judicial Supremacy."  Presentation to the Clark University Law & Society Program Conference on Bush v. Gore, Worcester, MA, March 14, 2003.

*      "The Rehnquist Court and Federalism." Panel Chair and Organizer, Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 5, 2003.

*      "The Rehnquist Court, Subnational Governments, and the Constitutional Politics of Sovereign Immunity."  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 5, 2003.

*      "Big Brother in the Panopticon: The American Tradition of Privacy in Law."  Presentation at the Virginia Tech Choices and Challenges Forum "Big Brother Technologies", Blacksburg, VA., March 27, 2003.

*      Attended the Center for Civic Education's National Scholars Conference on Research in Civics and Legal Education, Pasedena, CA, January 30-February 2, 2003.

*      "We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution" State Finals Debate Tournament Judge, February 11, 2003.

*      "Is the Supreme Court Really Supreme?" James Madison Foundation Center for the Study of the Constitution/SBC Center for Civic Renewal Teacher Institute, March 22, 2003.

*      "The Rivalry that Shaped America" Presentations made to the SBC Alumnae Association Chapters in Richmond (February 11, 2003) and Chicago (April 3).



*      WVTF "Evening Edition" 1 hour call-in show, March 25, 2003, on invasion of privacy

*      WNRN "Sunday Conversation" 1 hour call-in shows, Nov 3 & Dec 15, 2002 on the election and current events.

*      WLNI "Morning Line" interviews 11/4, 11/6, 12/16/02 on state and national politics.


Debbie Durham

*      Gave an invited lecture at Tulane University in March:  "Transnational Personhood and Technologies of the State: Being Herero in Liberal Democratic Botswana."

*      Reviewed a book manuscript for a major university press.

*      Published "Passports and Persons: The Insurrection of Subjugated Knowledges in Southern Africa." as a chapter in Clifton Crais, ed., The Culture of Power in Southern Africa: Essays on State Formation and the Political Imagination, pp. 151-181. Social History of Africa series, Heinemann, 2003.


Rob Granger

*      Syntheses of New, Water-Soluble N-Donor Ligands, Corresponding Zn(II), Cu(II), and Ni(II) Complexes, and the Investigation of Their Activities Towards, Hydrolyzing Substrates.  Hong-Chang Liang, The Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society Grant # 39798-G3, 2003

*      Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Dicopper Compounds for Use as Electrocatalysts in the Redction of Carbon Dioxide. Emma W. Goldman,  The Jeffress Memorial Trust Research Grant 2003.


Jonathan Green

*      chaired the panel, "Music in the 21st Century: What Next?" at the annual meeting of the Conductors Guild in New York

*      presented a lecture, "Aesthetics and Perception in Music," at the 2003 Denver College for a Day and at the Vero Beach Museum of Art

*      conducted the District XIII Virginia Women's Choir in Charlottesville

*      had a composition, "Queensbury Rules," performed by Nick Ross at the annual meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the College Music Society, at which he also chaired a panel discussion "What Can You do with a Degree in Music Outside of Performing and Teaching?"


February 2003

Kay Brimijoin:

*      Co-authored an article which appeared in February 2003: "Using Data to Differentiate Instruction". Kay Brimijoin, Ede Marquissee, and Carol Ann Tomlinson. Educational Leadership 60, 5: February, 2003: 70-73.

*      Presented a paper, "New Dimensions in Building Expertise in Mentoring and Differentiation," at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education in New Orleans, LA: January 26, 2003. This paper has been accepted for publication in the ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education - Document Number pending.

*      Keynote Speaker: Mini-Conference on Gifted Education for Korean Teachers, January 20-21, 2003: Sweet Briar College.

*      Presented "Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Gifted Learners" to 150 elementary and secondary teachers in Waunakee, WI, February 6-7, 2003.

*      Follow-up Workshop: "Differentiating Instruction and Assessment" - Rockfish Elementary School, Nelson County, VA: December 18, 2002.

*      Coaching teachers in Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction: Reed Elementary School, St. Louis, MO: December 12-13, 2002.


Claudia Chang

*      March 2, University of Manitoba; March 4, University of Iowa; March 6, Lawrence University---Dr. Chang is the Archaeological Institute of American Lecturer: Digging the Eurasian Steppe: 1994-2002 The Kazakh-American Talgar Project.


*      "The Archaeology of Semirechye from the Bronze Age through Medieval Periods: Does Climate Matter?"  An invited lecture at the University of California, Berkeley" Rocks and Hard Places: Society and Environment in Central Asia, Conference March 14-15.


*      Completed a book chapter: "The Grass is Greener on the Other Side: A Study of Pastoral Mobility on the Eurasian Steppe of Southeastern Kazakhstan" To be published in an edited volume, Ethnoarchaeology and Archaeology of Mobility and Sedentism, edited by R. Greaves, P.L. Yu, and F. Sellet (University of Florida Press).


*      Completed an article (accepted and revised for publication):  Eurasian Iron Age Settlements and Chronology in Southeastern Kazakhstan by C. Chang, N. Benecke, F.P. Grigoriev, and P. A. Tourtellotte.  Antiquity (June issue 2003).


Pam DeWeese

*      Her article "La ironía o el arte de la interpretación" has been accepted for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings for the Tenth Annual International Conference on Hispanic Literature sponsored by the Luis Goytisolo Foundation in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain (November, 2002). The monograph will be published this summer.


*      At the request of the editors, Marta Altisent and Cristina Martínez Carazo, she has written a biography of Luis Goytisolo for inclusion in the 20th Century Spanish Fiction Volume of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, published by Bruccoli Clark Layman. The edition will be published in 2003 and will serve as an educational and research tool for undergraduate students.


Linda Fink

*      Kellogg, Shelly K., Linda S. Fink and Lincoln P. Brower.  Parasitism of native luna moths, Actias luna (L.) (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) by the nonnative Compsilura concinnata (Meigen) (Diptera: Tachinidae) in Central Virginia, and their hyperparasitism by trigonalid wasps (Hymenoptera: Trigonalidae).  Environmental Entomology is one of the leading entomology journals in the U.S.


Shelly is now in her first year of graduate study in Entomology at the University of Kentucky.  The research was conducted during the summer of 2001, while Shelly was supported by an Honors Summer Research Fellowship.  We also presented a talk on this work at the annual meeting of the Lepidopterists' Society last summer in Charleston.  (Serena Basten '02 also presented a talk on her senior honors thesis at the Lep Soc meeting; we are collecting a last data set for Serena's study this March, and will have a paper ready for submission this summer.)


Rob Granger

*      Reviewed the text Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Short Course by Rosette M. Roat-Malone for "CHOICE Reviews".  The review will appear in magazine form in approximately 3 months.  If more information is needed about CHOICE go to...  www.ala.org/acrl/choice

*      Reviewed the paper "The Role Of The Metal Atom In Metalloporphyrins" by Clifford Sanders and Gary G. Hoffman for the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research.



January 2003

Deborah Durham

*      Co-authored an article which appeared in December: 2002 "Funerals and the Public Space of Mutuality in Botswana."  Deborah Durham and Fred Klaits. Journal of Southern African Studies 28, 4 December 2002): 777-795.

*      Served as a screener for the SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowships again this year.


Allen Huszti

*      Was organist for Families Weekend church service at SBC - October 20.

*      Was organist for the 100th Anniversary Fund service at SBC - October 27.

*      Sang as baritone soloist for the Faure REQUIEM at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lynchburg - November 3.

*      Was organist for the SBC Christmas Vesper service - December 5.

*      Conducted CANTATE and was bass soloist at the Christmas concert with the Lynchburg Youth Symphony Orchestra - December 7.

*      Sang as bass soloist in Bach's Cantata #104 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynchburg - December 8.

*      Conducted the CANTICUM NOVUM choir the Christmas concert at Chatham Hall - December 8.

*      Conducted the CANTICUM NOVUM choir and was soloist with the CANTATE Christmas Concert in Lynchburg - December 15.

*      Sang the role of Balthazar in Menotti's AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS in three performance for the Lynchburg Community Concerts Association – December 19 -21.

*      Conducted CANTATE at the Christmas concert with the First Presbyterian Church Choir in Lynchburg - December 22.


Joe Malloy

Was reappointed to the advisory panel for the Virginia Commission for the Arts touring program.


December 2002

Kay Brimijoin

*      Received a grant award from the Virginia Department of Education for a proposal entitled "New Links in Building Expertise: Preparing and Supporting Highly Qualified Teachers" written with Dr. Jim Alouf, Ms. Kim Chandler, Dr. Mary Ann Mayhew, and Dr. Peggy Schimmoeller (Joint project – Sweet Briar College, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, and Amherst County Public Schools). A one-year award of $40,770 (the second year’s award depending on state budget). 

*      "Gifted Education: From Conceptions to Curriculum", Keynote address to Mini-conference for Korean Teachers (Jollanamdo), Lynchburg, VA, November 12-13, 2002 (Second address in a series)

*      Presented a Workshop, "Linking Concepts, SOLs, and Differentiation", Amherst County Public Schools, Amherst, VA, November 7, 2002

*      "Differentiating Professional Development: Blueprints for Instruction, Modeling, and Coaching", Virginia Association for the Gifted Conference, October 29, 2002

*      Presented  "Learning in Depth:  Summarizing and Note-taking" at Conway Elementary School, St. Louis, MO, October 24-25, 2002.

*      Presented "Putting the Pieces of Differentiation Together: Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction" at Rockfish and Tye River Elementary Schools, Nelson County, VA, October 17, 2002

*      Facilitator, Curriculum Planning Workshop, Amherst County Public Schools Differentiation Study Group, October 8, 2002

*      Presented "Putting the Pieces of Differentiation to Work: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment" for Shelburne Middle School faculty, Staunton, VA, October 4, 2002

Pamela DeWeese

*      Was an invited guest speaker at the Tenth Annual International Symposium on Contemporary Hispanic Narrative, November 12-15 in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain. Her presentation was entitled "La ironía o el arte de la interpretación."


Deborah Durham

*      Served as discussant for 5 papers on the state, civil society, NGOs and the public sphere, at a small conference on "New Directions in Anthropology" outside New Orleans, Nov 24-26.

*      Presented (as of the time of the Faculty Meeting, at least) a paper "From "Hot Singers"to Deep Song: Song, Choirs and Community for Herero of Botswana" in a session on choirs and community at the African Studies Association annual meetings December 5-8 in Washington DC.


Holly Gould

*      Presentation (2002, November).  "What preservice teachers need to know about the gifted."  National Association for Gifted Children Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

*      Consulting (2002, September 28-30). "Differentiating instruction for gifted learners in the elementary school.: Anchorage School District, Anchorage, AK.

*      Publication (2002, October). The great expectations of going to graduate school: A Dickensonian approach. National Association for Gifted Children Graduate Student Newsletter. NAGC: Washington, D. C.

*      Dissertation Progress: Defended proposal for dissertation, November 13, 2002.


Jonathan Green

*      "Hubert's Vengeance" was performed at William Patterson College (10 Oct)

*      "Come In Speaking Silence of a Dream" was performed at Belmont Abbey College (12 Nov)

*      Has been included in the 2003 Who's Who in America


Angelo Metzidakis

*      Was invited to present the keynote speech at the Bicentennial celebration of Victor Hugo's birth that was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, under the sponsorship of L'Alliance Franćaise on November 16, 2002. His paper was entitled "Victor Hugo, sa vie, son oeuvre."




November 2002

Lincoln Brower

*      Published in 2002 -Quantitative changes in forest quality in a principal overwintering area of the monarch butterfly in Mexico: 1971 to 1999 entitled Conservation Biology 16:346-359.

*       On October 21, 2002, lectured at Lynchburg College on catastrophic mortality of the monarch butterfly in Mexico, January 2002.




Matthew Calarco

*       Received contract for co-authored monograph, On Levinas (Belmont, CA: Wadsworth) (to appear in 2004)

*       Completed manuscript for Continental Ethics Reader (New York: Routledge) (to appear in April 2004)

*       Book review of Paola Cavalieri, The Animal Question in International Studies in Philosophy, accepted and forthcoming, 2004.

*       Received invitation to present symposium paper at the Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals, March 2003

*       Received invitation to present paper at the annual Collegium Phaenomenologicum meeting in Perugia, Italy (July 14-August 1st, 2003)

*       Attended annual Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy Meeting, October 10-12

*       Attended annual International Association for Environmental Philosophy Meeting, Chicago, October 13

*       Honors Colloquium Presentation, "Deconstruction is Not Vegetarianism: Derrida and Animal Ethics," October 23

*       Designed Philosophy Department website (http://www.philosophy.sbc.edu/)


Christian Carr

*       In October, participated in a Conservation Forum on Care of the Historic Site at the Williamsburg Institute.

*       Attended a scholars-only opening lecture for the Kreuzer collection of Art Nouveau exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, as well as the annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Museums.


Robin Davies

*       Presented a research poster entitled "Screening Novel Metal Complexes for Potential Anti-Cancer Activity" at the Centennial Celebration of Iota Sigma Pi National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry on June 15, 2002 at the University of California, Berkeley. 

*       Served as the Lanthanum chapter delegate to the Twenty-seventh National Triennial Convention of Iota Sigma Pi, June 12-14, 2002, at Berkeley.


Grant Denn

*       Gave a talk at the Green Bank station of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory called 'Radio Emission from M100.'


Jill Granger

*       Gave a talk at the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies on "Introducing Spectrophotometry in Grades 6-12 Using a College-based Spectrophotometer Loan Program". October 2002


*       In November, Robin Davies and Jill will be giving two presentations at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers meeting.  One on "Light, Color, and Energy Activities for Grades 6-12" and the other on "Investigations for the Elementary Grades".

*       Has been asked to review a manuscript for Enslow publishers on the chemistry of water.

*       Via their SCHEV-Eisenhower grant, we have hosted 37 local elementary and middle school teachers this fall semester who have come to SBC to participate in science and math teacher training workshops.  Profs. L Fink, B. Kirkwood, L. Brower, R. Davies, H. Yochum, D. Orvos, and Jill have conducted three Saturday workshops this fall on "Monarchs, Math, and More", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations for Grades 3-6", and "Eco-Explorers".

*      Our web pages on "The Chemistry of Water", part of Chris Witcombe's "H2O - the mystery, art, and science of water" website, has just been selected by the National Association of Science Teachers for incorporation into SciLinks, an interactive web database correlated to linked science textbooks.

Jonathan Green

*       Was a participant in a panel discussion on the role of adjunct faculty in collegiate music programs, and a member of the Regional Presidents' Council meeting at the National Meeting of the College Music Society in Kansas City.

*       Attended the fall Board of Directors meeting of the Conductors Guild in Chicago.

*       Attended the premiere of "Crossroads Down," a composition that he wrote to commemorate the bicentennial of his hometown, Westfield, NY

*       Attended the premiere of his "Leviathan's Wrath," a concerto for tuba and symphonic band, which was performed by Dennis AsKew and the United States Navy Band at the 2002 International Tuba and Euphonium Conference.

*       Received a sixth annual ASCAP Standard Panel Award for Composition

*       Was selected for inclusion in "Contemporary Authors."

*       Received a commission for "Riding the Winds of December," a work for children's choir and band that will be part of the centennial celebration of the first flight in Kitty Hawk next December.


Cathy Gutierrez

*       Gave paper entitled "Multiple Memoirs:  Women's Writing and American Spiritualism," at the Society for Christianity and Literature, St. Francis College, New York, Oct. 2002

*      Will give paper, "Time and Again:  Postponing the Apocalypse in Mormon Scripture," at Center for Millennial Studies, Boston, Boston University, Nov. 2002

*       Will have an article "From Electricity to Ectoplasm:  Hysteria and American Spiritualism," in ARIES:  Journal for the Study of Western Esotericism, 3:1 (Jan. 2003)


Ronald Horwege

*       Organized and managed the 8th Annual  AATG-Goethe Institut Immersion Weekend at Sweet Briar on October 11-13.

*       Attended a FLAVA executive Council business meeting in Richmond in September.

*       Participated in the AATG-FLAVA Conference in Richmond on October 24-26.  He attended a meeting of the executive committee of FLAVA on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, served on a panel discussing opportunities for German teachers to participate in programs of study in Germany and Austria, and presided over the fall business meeting of the Virginia Chapter of AATG.  At this meeting he was reelected to the position of President of the Virginia Chapter of AATG.

*       Will attend the annual meeting of the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Salt Lake City this November.  While there he will participate in the annual business meeting of the Chapter Presidents Council and will co-host a reception for the 75th Anniversary of Delta Phi Alpha, the German Honor Society. He is currently serving as Second Vice President of this organization.


Alix Ingber

*       Delivered a paper, "The Recursive Quijote" at the symposium "A Celebration of Brooklyn Hispanism:  Hispanic Literature from Don Quijote to Today" on October 17 at the Cervantes Institute in New York. The symposium was sponsored by Brooklyn College, The Office of Academic Affairs of the City University of New York, The Cervantes Institute and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


Lynn Laufenberg

*       Was a Faculty Fellow at the Jessie Ball duPont Summer Seminar on "Religion, Liberal Democracy, and the Public Forum." National Humanities Center, Summer 2002.

*       Was a discussant at the International Study Conference, "Disciplinare il Lusso: La legislazione suntuaria in Italia e in Europa tra Medioevo ed Etą moderna." University of Bologna, Italy, 27-28 Sept. 2002.

*       Will present a paper, "Domestic Crimes and Legal Reforms in Post-Plague Florence," at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies conference "Recovery: Pre-Modern Responses to Catastrophe." SUNY/Binghamton University, 1-2 Nov. 2002.


Joe Malloy

*       Organized the 2nd Annual State Fair of Virginia Fiddle and Banjo Contest held at the fairground's Heritage Village in Richmond, VA, September 28th & 29th.


Sarah Meacham

*       Will be presenting a paper at the American Historical Association annual conference in January (in Chicago) on issues of power in the eighteenth-century Chesapeake. 

*       Has had an article accepted to be published by the *Virginia Magazine of History and Biography* titled "Coming Over and Going Back: Gender, Technology, and Cidering in England and the Chesapeake, 1690 to 1760."


Angelo Metzidakis

*       Presented a paper entitled "Victor Hugo and the Universal Exposition of 1867" at the75th annual conference of the "American Association of Teachers of French" that was held in Boston on July 12, 2002.


Lynn Rainville

*       Gave a lecture on "Slave Daily Life and Mortuary Practicec on a Piedmont Plantation," for the Archaeology Program at the University of Virginia, October 10th.

*       Wrote a book review on "Ethnoarchaeology of Anatolia," for the Journal of Social and Economic History of the Orient.


Nicholas Ross

*       Will have two recitals in November: Nov. 9 in Corrales, New Mexico, and Nov. 17, at the University of St. Thomas, Houston.


Karl Tamburr

*       At the end of September, he delivered a paper entitled "The Forming of MS Bodleian 556" at the 28th annual conference of the Southeastern Medieval Association, held this year at Florida State University.


October 2002

John Beck

*       Submitted a paper, co-written with Nausheena Baig ’04, entitled "Molecular Modeling of Benzylidene Phthalide Derivatives" to Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research in July 2002.  This work was accomplished through VFIC funds.


Stephen Bragaw

*       Invited participant at the Center for Civic Education Scholars Advisory Conference, Washington D.C., May 30-June 3, 2002.

*        "The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and City of Boerne v. Archbishop P.F. Flores." American Lawmaking from an Interbranch Perspective. Edited by Mark Clark & John Barnes. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press (forthcoming, 2003).

*       Ended two-year term as webmaster, Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations Section, American Political Science Association.

*       Presented with Barbara Perry, "Civil Liberties in Times of War" Sweet Briar College Alumnae College, May 18, 2002.

*       Interview and call in show about the upcoming Congressional elections & the war on terrorism, "Sunday Conversation with Pete Ronayne," WNRN Radio, Charlottesville/Sweet Briar/Lynchburg VA, July 7, 2002.

*      Interview and call in show, WLNI Radio "Morning Line" Show, June 10, 2002.


Deborah Durham

*       Article, "Love and Jealousy in the Space of Death." Ethnos 67, 2 (2002): 155-180, appeared in print (and is in our library).

*       Book review of Questioning Misfortune: The Pragmatics of Uncertainty in Uganda, by Susan Reynolds Whyte (Cambridge University Press, 1997). Religious Studies Review.

*       Invited paper, "Youth in Africa: Crises, Critical Moments and Contests in the Postcolonies" at a conference, "Postcolonialism Today: Theoretical Challenges and Pragmatic Issues" at the University of Toronto, September 26-29, 2002.

*      Proposal accepted, to organize an "Advanced Seminar" at the School of American Research in Santa Fe, along with Jennifer Cole of the University of Chicago. The seminar, on "Global Comings of Age: Youth and Childhood in the Context of Globalization," will be held in the spring of 2004, with 10 participants from sociology, anthropology, history, and legal studies.


Pamela DeWeese

*       Presented a program on Spain and Spanish programs at Sweet Briar to the New Jersey Alumnae Club in Short Hills, N.J. on September 27, 2002.


Judith Evans Grubbs

*       Published a book, Women and the Law in the Roman Empire: A sourcebook on marriage, divorce, and widowhood  (Routledge Press, 2002)

*       Published a paper, "Stigmata Aeterna: A husband's curse" in Vertis in Usum: Studies in honor of Edward Courtney edited by John Miller, Cynthia Damon, and Sara Myers (K.G. Saur: Munich and Leipzig, 2002), pp. 230-242.

*       Organized a panel on Roman Social History in honor of Susan Treggiari at the annual meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians (Savannah, April 26-28), at which she also gave a paper on "Children

after divorce in Roman law."

*       Completed a book review of Laying Down the Law: A Study of the Theodosian Code by John Matthews, to appear in the October issue of the American Historical Review.

*       Completed a chapter on "The family" for the Blackwell's Companion to the Roman Empire, ed. David Potter (to appear in 2003)

*       Gave a presentation on "The Family in the Roman Empire" for the Sweet Briar Summer Honors Research Program, June 6.


Allen Huszti

*       Conducted and sang as bass soloist in Cantate's Spring Concert (The Childrens Choir of Central Virginia).

*       Was organist for the Alumnae Reunion chapel service on May 19.

*       Presented an Alumnae College course on opera from June 23 to June 27.

*       Attended the Alexander Technique Workshop at Sweet Briar from July 2 to July 6.

*       Sang with the First Presbyterian Church Choir as a chorister and as bass soloist in concerts in Germany (Leipzig, Halle and Dresden) and Austria  (Vienna, Melk and Innsbruck) from July 15 to July 29.

*      Played an organ and harpsichord recital at Sweet Briar College on Sunday, September 15.


Ella Magruder

*       Presented two workshops at the Mid-Atlantic American College Dance Festival held at the University of Maryland in College Park. The first workshop was "How to dance and Perform for Children", and the second was "Improvisation and Choreography". In addition, three Sweet Briar students performed in her dance Seeking Balance. Two student works were also performed at UM, one of which - a solo by Amy Mullen ’02 - was chosen for the gala concert and performed at the Kennedy Center in the National Festival later in May. 



August 2002

Kay Brimijoin

*      Was keynote speaker for the Mini-Conference on Gifted Education for Teachers from Seoul, Korea in Lynchburg, VA, March 1, 2002.

*      Curriculum Coaching with Teachers at Woodbrook Elementary School, Charlottesville, VA, April 11, 2002.

*      Presentation to Lead Teachers and Administrators, Upper Arlington City Schools, Columbus, OH, April 26, 2002.

*      Coordinator and Instructor in the Clinical Faculty/Mentor Teacher

Institute, June 17-19, 2002 with 70 teachers and administrators, as part of the Virginia Department of Education block grant received by Sweet Briar, Randolph-Macon, and Amherst County Schools Instructor, Designing Differentiated Curriculum Academy (with Dr. Carol Tomlinson, and Sandra Page), Tampa, FL, July 8-12, 2002 – 150 Educators from US and other countries.

*      Dissertation Award, National Association for Gifted Children – one of up to four awards that will be presented at the annual NAGC Conference in Denver in November 2002.

*      Presentation to faculty at Reed Elementary School, St. Louis, MO, August 12-13, 2002.

*      Curriculum Coaching with Conway Elementary School (part of an ongoing professional development project), St. Louis, MO, August 15-16, 2002.


Brian Cusato

*      Co-authored a paper presented at the Southwestern Psychological Association Convention in Corpus Christi, TX (April 18, 2002).  Presentation title: "Extinction and Conditioned Sexual Responding."

*      Co-Authored a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Comparative Psychology.  Paper titled:  "Extinction of Conditioned Sexual Responses in Male Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica):  Role of Species Typical Cues".


Rob Granger

*      Had a paper entitled "BIOREMEDIATION OF SOIL CONTAMINATED WITH HEXACHLOROBENZENE" Juliana De Santis*; Rachel Snider*; Robert M. Granger, II†. accepted for publication in the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research.

*      Has submitted a paper co-authored with Jill Granger, entitled "SYNTHESIS, AND CHARACTERIZATION OF THE FIRST HOMOLEPTIC DIIMINE COMPLEX OF Pt(IV): [Pt(1,10-phenanthroline)3][PF6]4," to the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, May 2002.


Joe Malloy

*      Joe Malloy and Laura Pharis (Bramble and Rose String Band) performed in Bedford town, April 6th for the "Living Liberty" celebration at the Avenel Historical House. 

*      Joe Malloy and Laura Pharis performed May 18th at the Briarwood Nursing H ome in Amherst for National Nursing Home Week.


Laura Pharis

*      Laura Pharis and Joe Malloy (Bramble and Rose String Band) performed in Bedford town, April 6th for the "Living Liberty" celebration at the Avenel Historical House. 

*      Laura Pharis and Joe Malloy performed May 18th at the Briarwood Nursing Home in Amherst for National Nursing Home Week.

*      Laura Pharis's painting, "Little Omie by Moonlight", is on the back cover of the Fall edition of Fiddler Magazine, published in Nova Scotia, Canada.  (Also in that issue is an acknowledgement that she, not Anonymous, was the author of the previously published "Ten Commandments of Jamming".)

*      Another of Laura's images is to be used for the cover of "The Old Bush", a new CD by the Celtic/American band, "Naomi's Fancy", out of North Carolina.

*      Will participate in September in the exhibition of One/Off Printmakers at ArtSpace Gallery in Richmond Virginia.  One aspect of the ArtSpace show is 'art*o*mat', a project wherein cigarette machines have been rehabilitated as art vending machines.  Participating One/Off artists must produce editions of forty cigarette-pack-sized art objects to be vended for a cost of $5.  Half of the objects will be in the Richmond machine; the other half will be in another of these machines placed at the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.